Amy Bouschart

Author Amy Bouschart is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, wearable neuro technology leader, heart-driven volunteer and TV Bingo lady. She is a positive energetic leader who encourages people to stack the deck in their favor!

Amy has a 30+ year track record coaching people, enthusiastically exceeding sales goals, speaking, educating and building organizations with growth-oriented solutions. She has come up with her 3 unique strategies to stack the deck in your favor: Mindset, Image, and Salesology. Helping you connect to more clients, close more sales and build lasting relationships. Amy is certified as a coach with the Tony Robbins, Madanes organization. Amy was featured in Empowering Women magazine for her successful transition from corporate cosmetic international trainer to starting her own business in direct sales with an image company. This was the 1st company to use the science of color with color analysis and offering head-to-toe image solutions. Amy’s corporate and business-owned training and sales expertise lead to many successes.

Amy independently built relationships and conducted image programs for companies such as McDonalds, international law firms, and major insurance companies, as well as Harrah’s Casino and Luxury Hotels, helping them stand out. Amy built teams and coached people to leadership sales positions.

She is excited to be a part of one of the biggest wellness missions in over 50 years utilizing drug-free wearable neuro technology. She is the volunteer TV Bingo lady at Chicago, Illinois Northwestern Hospital for over 25 years, entertaining and building relationships for a better patient experience. Amy is using her voice for those who are losing their ability to speak. She raises funds and brings awareness about the disease FTD/Primary Progressive Aphasia, a degenerative brain disease which her husband was diagnosed with at age 54. This has been her biggest challenge – becoming a care giver, navigating this transition and starting a new business, being human through loss, making mistakes, yet learning even further tools to keep moving forward. Amy is passionate about personal growth, contribution and creating memorable experiences. A strong influencer, she infuses an element of FUN in coaching, educating, speaking, and increasing the odds of people saying YES!

About the Book

What skills and strategies are left untapped that could increase your odds of people saying Yes to you? Are you missing opportunities? Do you even know why people are passing you by or maybe saying No to you? Would hearing Yes more often feel outstanding?

Imagine you could tap into a set of strategies to give you the edge. Are you ready to ramp up your game and add to what you have already? Whether you have had success thus far, feel stuck, or you are just starting out, we all can benefit from Salesology and stacking the deck in our favor. Lead yourself, your organization, and business.

Learn How To...

Start each day with the strategies to overcome challenges, prepare yourself for success and happiness, create a positive image, and gain momentum in the direction you desire. Increase the odds of people saying YES!

Uncover in These Pages...

  • Connect to more clients
  • Close more sales
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Increase revenue
  • Ensure your external image is congruent with your internal message
  • Utilize non-verbal communication
  • Gain a sense of clarity
  • Improve your focus on desired results
  • Feel more confident
  • Lessen or eliminate negative first impressions
  • Leave a positive lasting impression
  • Become a leader or enhance your leadership
  • Transition with resiliency

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