Amy Donaldson

Amy Donaldson is a real estate coach, author, public speaker, and award-winning real estate agent.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California but moved in 2000 to the Portland, Oregon area, where she currently resides. When she is not working, Amy dedicates her time to being a mother and enjoying time with Princess, her rescue dog. She is an active individual who finds fulfillment in fitness activities such as running, weightlifting, and stair racing. Amy also holds a black belt in taekwondo and believes that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

From an early age, Amy knew she was meant to coach and inspire others. During her time as a reviewing broker, it became clear to Amy that she has something very valuable to offer. Her unique perspective and problem-solving abilities have helped hundreds of agents navigate very difficult situations. She thinks quite differently than most and has a gift for guiding people to out-of-the-box solutions they might otherwise miss. Amy believes in looking at things from the highest possible perspective, till problems literally dissolve.

As a coach, Amy teaches agents how to look at their businesses as just that, businesses. She knows it is crucial for them to see that they must run those businesses rather than letting those businesses run them.

She has helped countless newly licensed agents by teaching them how to become top producers within their first two years of business. Likewise, she has helped several seasoned agents get off the cash-flow rollercoaster so they can more thoroughly enjoy a lifetime of security and more quality time with their loved ones, doing the things they enjoy.

Amy, a single mother, began her real estate career in 2006, completely unaware of the poor timing, that she was on the precipice of the worst real estate market downturn in recent history. Once she realized this, she had to quickly learn how to navigate herself through those precarious economic waters to be successful in the industry. Driven by a need to support her son and herself, she watched and learned from other successful agents, and by 2010, she had obtained her principal broker license. This enabled Amy to build her own team of quality, successful real estate agents by 2012. In 2014, she was asked to teach pre-license broker courses at a local community college, and in 2015, her service was requested as director for the mentorship program and as a reviewing broker at one of the largest and fastest-growing brokerages in the Pacific Northwest.

As a motivational public speaker, Amy uses humor and her own real-life experiences to command the attention of her audiences. She will bring you to tears, make you laugh, terrify you, and eventually teach you that you are far more capable than you’ve ever imagined. Her outgoing personality, knowledge of the business, and unique perspective make her the very best at what she does. She applies what she has gleaned from her own life to all aspects of her teaching, coaching, and public speaking, and her support of her students and clients is unmatched.

About the Book

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy consistent, predictable closings? Have you ever wondered why some agents are busy year-round, while most experience seasonal businesses at best? Finally break the feast-or-famine cycle that haunts your real estate business with Get Off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster!, a complete game changer for real estate agents everywhere. Learn what to do in the fall to make December one of your best months. Employ simple strategies to attract more clients all year and discover the power of lead conversion and follow-up. If you’ve ever missed out because your client bought a house from someone else while you were on vacation, you need to read this book. If you’ve ever experienced the heartache of a close friend or family member using a different agent; you need to read this book. If you’ve ever experienced the fear of the long, slow winter, relying only on intermittent success to get you by, you need to read this book. This powerful system will help you find exponential growth in your business.

Learn How To…

  • Employ simple strategies to attract more clients.
  • Put systems in place to streamline your business.
  • Convert more leads into closings.
  • Change your money blueprint to attract unlimited wealth.
  • Discover effortless follow-up techniques to keep you on top and in the forefront of people’s minds.
  • Don’t let your business run you! Run your business instead.
  • Protect your commission from last-minute concessions.

Uncover in These Pages…

Don’t let your real estate business run you! You really can run your business, with consistent, predicable closings that will allow you to be comfortable and successful year round.

  • Change your money mindset to attract more of it.
  • Think like a boss but work like an employee.
  • Attract and keep more leads.
  • Benefit from more referrals.
  • Comfortably charge higher commissions.
  • Achieve more listings.
  • Stay safe on the job.


Get Off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster! is so easy to understand, from paradigm shifting to actual mindsetting. Be a rockstar agent by working smartly.”

—Lillie Cawthorn, author of The Money Factory


“Think outside the box: Being an employee is a good career move but to truly be successful, think beyond your paycheck. Think of yourself as a boss, but act like an employee. Work hard like everyone does. Not only do you set the tone for your employees but it attracts money as well.”

—J.Michael Cavitt, author of The “R” Effect“



“This book is not just about selling, as it also deals with how to become a better individual, a better parent, an improved boss. Kudos, Amy!”

—Jack H. M. Wong, author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code


“Everybody is a prospect. I have tried selling before, and once a prospect turns me down, I usually just walk away. Thanks, Amy, for this helpful insight that I can turn around a prospect that earlier turned me down, who can also be a source of good leads. It pays to ask. Ask for a referral.”

—Lim Tianyi, author of Appsolutely




“This book is not just a one-time-read kind of book. This should be a manual for all who want to succeed in real estate business, or anyone who wants to succeed in the selling business. Congratulations, Amy Donaldson!”

—David and Tammy Stanley, authors of FREEDOM (TIME+MONEY)2



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