Andrea Laurel

Raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Andrea received her post-secondary education at Western University in London, Ontario, and then spent first two years post-grad working in sales and marketing in Toronto. She discovered her calling as an educator after travelling halfway around the world!

In early 1982, after teaching for six months in a British school in Saudi Arabia, Andrea joined the Saudi Arabian International School. S.A.I.S. followed an American curriculum. There, Andrea spent her remaining two and a half years in the Middle East. Upon returning to Canada, Andrea completed her teacher’s degree and spent most of her career teaching both elementary and secondary students who had special learning needs. She became a specialist in teaching children with behavioral, developmental and other learning challenges in the school boards near London, Ontario.

Since 2003, when Andrea began her training in the Orton-Gillingham Method of teaching, she has taught students individually in her private practice. After retiring in 2012, Andrea moved to Ottawa, Ontario, to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. There, she re-established her private practice as LEARN @ HOME Education Services. She has created numerous teaching resources and has gathered materials produced by other education practitioners around the world.

Since 1976, Andrea is best known for her athletic coaching, as well as her personal athletic achievements. Andrea has also competed in several triathlons since 1986 and in 2018 qualified for the Canadian Masters Age Group Triathlon team, at age 60. She will represent Canada at the World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne Switzerland in August 2019.

In her book, Andrea shares her philosophies of reflection and resilience-building though the development of both physical and mental skills. As a learning strategist, Andrea offers personal consultation with parent and educators, both in-person and online.

About the Book

Have you ever overheard someone at a restaurant or grocery store complaining about children and/or the school system?

Has your child or student ever had an unexplained difficulty with reading, spelling, handwriting or math skills and you’ve felt unable to help him/her succeed in these subjects?

Does your child or student have anxiety, feel overwhelmed, or simply doesn’t want to go to school anymore?

Get “back to the basics” of the 3 Rs of Education: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic with “tips and tricks” as well as a list of resources based on a multisensory systematic teaching method with proven results. In addition, you will help your child or student become more confident, curious and centered by learning the “higher 2 Rs” and how to become more reflective and resilient.

Learn How…

From The 5 Rs of Education, you will learn:

  • Reading and Spelling concepts or rules that are rarely taught in school.
  • The benefits, and correct shapes, of cursive/script wRiting.
  • The effective use of manipulatives and fingers to solve aRithmetic problems.
  • The effectiveness of various personal Reflection tools to enhance Executive Functioning skills.
  • The importance of the Top Ten Handy Tips for building personal Resilience and how to integrate the Tips into your lifestyle.

Uncover in These Pages...

Gain the knowledge and skills to guide children to become more confident, capable and compassionate, as well as better equipped to face the challenges of the new era!

  • Did you know... you are your child’s first and best teacher?
  • Did you know... you can develop an interactive and supportive family structure for your family and for the global village?
  • Did you know... there is a rule for when to use the letter c or k at the beginning of a word?
  • Did you know... there is a rule for when to use c, k, or ck at the end of a word?
  • Did you know... it’s advantageous to use your fingers to count and multiply? They’re our “built-in calculators”!
  • Did you know... there are more “regularly spelled words” that can be “sounded out” than there are “irregularly spelled”words?
  • Did you know... cursive writing is preferable to printing and typing for children with literacy challenges? Cursive writing trains the brain; typing only trains the fingers.
  • Did you know... there is a fun educational tool that gives children a visual, tactile and kinaesthetic representation of math concepts?
  • Did you know... Math is a language that needs to be translated for children?
  • Did you know... rhymes, chants and music help children remember literacy and numeracy facts?
  • Did you know... children can LEARN to reflect in more ways than just journal writing?
  • Did you know... there are 10 simple strategies for building resilience in children and adults?
  • Did you know... you can help to create a more compassionate global village through the development of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-advocacy in children?

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