Anita Petty

Anita Petty is an author, consultant, investor, and life coach with diverse life and work experiences, including service as a military officer, pilot, startup founder, corporate manager, and real estate investor. Having gained her initial work-life experiences as an officer in the United States Navy, she reengineered herself mid-career, after recovering from cancer. She then went on to form a successful, high-tech venture in the private sector, a company later acquired by a Fortune 100 corporation.

As an investor and consultant with over twenty-five years of experience, Anita works with a wide range of people, helping them solve their financial and work-life issues. She has honed her interpersonal skills to guide others in making life-changing transitions that will help them achieve their financial goals. She is a busy life coach who serves clients of all ages nationwide, and she also mentors children in her spare time at her local Boys and Girls Club in Monrovia, California.

A world traveler, she enjoys venturing abroad, to experience adventure and travel to remote destinations. As a native of northern Arizona, she loves the outdoors and enjoys an active lifestyle, including cycling, snowboarding, and hiking. Her diverse experiences in overcoming challenges, coupled with her boundless enthusiasm, financial knowledge, and talent for successfully mentoring both children and adults, give her unique insight that enables her to help others harness the power of financial intelligence.

About the Book

Why do some people work hard all their lives but fail to achieve the financial freedom to do the things they love? Do you feel trapped in the rat race, unable to break out of the earn-and-spend cycle, struggling to make ends meet, even though you work harder and longer hours? When it comes to accumulating wealth and achieving financial freedom, do you feel stuck in a rut, unable to dig yourself out of debt, let alone getting on the path to saving money on a consistent basis? If you fall into any of these categories, which many people do, Money Switch is definitely for you!

Learn How...

  • Through the principles of MONEY SWITCH mastery, learn how to stop working for money and instead get your money to work for you! 
  • Uncover the key elements in developing financial habits that will help you build wealth and financial serenity.
  • Learn the secrets of attracting people who can help you achieve financial success.
  • Learn six MONEY SWITCH principles to help you stop the twitch of worry and struggle over money.
  • Turn on your switch to financial freedom and independence.

Uncover In These Pages…

Make your switch today to a solid financial future!

  • Make the MONEY SWITCH
  • Create a successful financial mindset.
  • Discover the power of positive thinking.
  • Set achievable financial goals.
  • Take action! Employ strategies to build wealth and meet your financial goals. 
  • Achieve escape velocity, the cornerstone of developing successful financial habits.
  • Integrate new behaviors and habits for wealth accumulation.
  • Learn the role of education in developing financial intelligence.
  • Surround yourself with the right people, your circle of influence.
  • Be willing to give back, as that is the real key to continued financial success.


“Anita Petty is an inspirational leader who exemplifies the can-do spirit. A blend of raw courage, passion, talent, and success, she inspires people worldwide to be who they have imagined they can be. Many people know and define Anita by her successes as an entrepreneur, adventurer, corporate leader, and military officer, but I believe her biggest contributions are revealed in Money Switch: Switching Yourself onto Happiness, Health and Wealth. Here, she shares personal accounts and life lessons that have positioned her for financial success, improved health, and life fulfillment. Through the Switch principles, Anita shows how to transform financial dreams into reality. A must-read for all who want to maximize their financial success and live the life of their dreams.”

Jack H. M. Wong, author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code


“Money Switch is a wonderful read filled with inspirational stories. As a young girl growing up in rural Arizona, Anita had visions of accomplishing great things in life. Armed since the age of five with a list of must-dos, she transformed her dreams into a successful life filled with financial achievement and experiences that go well beyond what she had imagined as a child. In Money Switch, Anita skillfully blends her autobiographical stories with six “switch” principles which transform the mundane into the extraordinary. A life-long learner and success coach who strives to help others achieve their dreams, Anita believes that with the proper mindset, mental focus and drive, people can achieve amazing things.”

Josevie Jackson, author of Thrive and Be Somebody


“Money Switch: Switching Yourself onto Happiness, Health and Wealth is a great guide to understanding how we can overcome obstacles and setbacks in life to achieve financial success and live happy, healthy lives. In its pages, Anita Petty reveals the secrets to her success and how these successes can be replicated by those who follow the Money Switch principles. I strongly encourage you to read and re-read this book from cover to cover. Anita’s lessons are invaluable”

Millie Leung, author of Mind and Money Makeover


“Anita Petty is synonymous with tenacity and resiliency—possessing the will to never give up in spite of daunting crises and setbacks. Faced with many challenges throughout her life, she shows us how to achieve our financial goals and enjoy life even when things aren’t going our way. In Money Switch, she recounts her personal stories while systematically laying out the steps to create the vision, goals, and actions necessary to achieve financial and other successes. This book is a summary of the many lessons she has learned from various experiences, mentor and teachers. I highly recommend it to all who are serious about transforming their financial dreams into reality.”

Gee Isa-al, author of Home at Last!


“In Money Switch, Anita Petty shares her wealth of financial and business knowledge using six Money Switch principles. She then expounds upon the basic material to include a section on Money Switch Mastery which focuses on strategies to help you continue to build wealth throughout your life. This book is chocked full of extremely useful financial tips that can help you not only amass substantial wealth during your lifetime but can also help you keep it. A must-read for both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs.”

Tsitsi Musasike, author of Moneynomics


“Anita has written a book that everyone that has ever struggled with money needs to read. It tackles the major issues of why people fail to meet their potential financially. The emotions she discusses is critical if someone is going to succeed. They are far more important that the financial reasons. Once the emotions are pointed in the correct direction the goal settings she discusses will be easier to put in motion. Money Switch will help people move in all the correct ways.”

Rich Clouse, author of Rich Dentist Poor Dentist


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