Anne Marie Cummings

Anne Marie graduated from Carleton University in 1987 with a double major in Psychology and Law, and since graduation, she has had 4 successful and diverse careers in the past 30 years.

Immediately after graduating, she joined a technology firm and learned how to work with large corporations to assess their business challenges and provide software and hardware solutions to resolve those challenges.

In 2000, after 13 years, she left the technology industry to follow her passion for interior design and she established and operated her decorating firm for several years and then transitions it to qualified staff, so she could expand her interior business into Real Estate Investing and started flipping houses. Her interest was to make old houses new again and sell them at a profit to people who wanted a turnkey home.

As more and more of her friends were retiring, she noticed that many were losing their identity and drifting into a sedate lifestyle. She was determined this would not be the direction she would take and was determined to make the final chapter of her life the best yet. Anne Marie then decided to write a book about reinventing oneself in retirement and living your best life to share with her peers the art of the possible.

Anne Marie has had an entrepreneurial spirit her whole life working in many diverse fields from education and law, software and hardware technology, and technology startups, including Professional Services to Interior Design and Real Estate Investing. She brought herself out of poverty to earning $1 million in a single year, and she has generated $100,000,000 in revenue for the companies she has both worked for and established. She built her first company by cashing in stock options from a technology firm she retired from in 2000. She took the startup interior decorating company from $0 to $200k in the first year and established many loyal clients in the process. Anne Marie then reinvented herself again by flipping houses and was able to make a profit of $330k in her first 13 months. Anne Marie then went on to write a book about living your best life and reinventing yourself in retirement. Anne Marie believes the last chapter of life is, in fact, the best and she wants to share her passion with the world.

About the Book

After retirement, we often find that we lose the identity that we established for 30+ years in our careers and we aren’t sure where we fit in to society or how we can contribute in this chapter of our lives. Many people start to isolate themselves from society because they are not sure what their purpose is or if they even have one.

Baby Boomer Bonding shares ways in which to reinvent yourself and to share your new purpose with the world. This is arguably the best time in a person’s life where we have the freedom to be who and what we want without the boundaries imposed on us by parents, teachers, bosses, spouses, children, etc. If you embrace this time of life, you will realize the full benefits of the freedom you now have. So live your best exotic life on your terms.

Learn How…

  • Reinvent yourself and live your last chapter in the most meaningful way possible.

  • Embrace the opportunities out in the world in the most positive way.

  • Maintain a positive attitude even on the days where you are not up to the challenge.

  • Learn how this stage of life can bring you the most happiness.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

  • Don’t worry about getting old; worry about thinking old.
  • Retirement is a great time to reinvent yourself.
  • Embrace your reinvented Life, forget your age.
  • Don’t drink poison and expect someone else to die.
  • Aging is your gift to society.
  • Don’t mix my meds! The inconvenient truth about the nursing home crisis.
  • Sharing is caring – an alternative retirement lifestyle.
  • The Marigold Mansion – The advantages and disadvantages.
  • Comparing retirement lifestyles – advantages and disadvantages

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