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How Authors Can Build a Massive Database – Insider Tutorial

Having written and sold hundreds of thousands of books, I can tell you that I’ve missed a boatload of opportunities to engage my readers. In this short video tutorial, I show my team at Black Card Books why I insist on each one of the books we publish to have at least 3 different QR codes in each book.  I provide several examples of how authors might use this powerful tool to build a database, which we all know is one of the biggest challenges any marketer needs to overcome.

I suggest offering something for FREE to encourage readers of books to get in touch with the author. I call these A.M.D.s (Attraction Marketing Devices). Here’s a sample of what can be offered:

  • FREE Special Report
  • FREE Coaching Session 
  • White Paper 
  • Best Practices 
  • Newsletter 
  • FREE 2nd Opinion 
  • Video Series 
  • Product Demonstration 
  • Webinar 
  • Seminar Ticket 
  • FREE Home Study Course
  • FREE Tips / Tricks
  • FREE Quiz
  • FREE Checklist 
  • FREE Tools

A QR Code...

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21 Rules for Social Media Success

social media Oct 14, 2021

Social media is reinventing marketing, communications, and the dissemination of information. While businesses now have access to these rich channels, the true promise of social media lies in the direct connections between people who represent companies and the people who define markets of interest.

Today, many businesses approach this with the establishment of social media guidelines and policies. This is indeed an important step, and not one worth economizing. But it’s also not enough. I highly recommend establishing official procedures that remind representatives of the importance and privilege of engagement.

The openness of popular networks is trivial. Any business can join and create a profile. It’s the devices we employ, the intentions that motivate engagement, and the value we offer that dictate the significance of the brand-specific social graphs we weave. It’s a simple investment in either visibility or presence. In social media, just like in the real...

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Kim Speed Teaches How to Turn Clients into Your Greatest Sales Team at $100 MBA

Let’s face it, while we do want to have a business that creates impact and provides value, we do run a business to earn money. And while that is the main goal with the best intentions, many entrepreneurs still struggle on getting that cash flow.

Kim Speed is the Amazon bestselling author of the book, Branding on a Shoestring: How to Re-Create Your Small Business Identity and Increase Sales Results in 83 Days or Less. She is a brand expert who believes that the number one reason customers buy from you is TRUST. It has nothing to do with price and often, it is not even about how well the product or service performs!

In an episode of The $100 MBA Show where Kim was a guest teacher, she dug on building brand credibility through proof. For example, if you would like to go to a restaurant, you would check on possible reviews online or recommendations from your friends! When you try out a new product or service, you would consider your community to validate this new thing. With the...

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Anne Marie Cummings Shares the Power of Reinvention in The Networking Diva Hour, Blog Talk Radio

People get invisible at a certain age. The sense of relevance, gone.

Anne Marie Cummings, author of bestselling book Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank, had observed that a lot of her friends and acquaintances were nervous approaching retirement as they did not know what to do. For her it was clear, she wanted to do something different from what she has been known to do in her technology work.

In the radio program, The Network Diva Hour hosted by Janiece Carlson and aired in Blog Talk Radio, Anne Marie Cummings was talking about her book journey and why she chose to touch on topics about baby boomers and their life after a career. She finds joy in helping people and making their retirement the best part of their life because to her personally, retirement has been the best part of her own life having not to depend on parents, teachers, or bosses, even clients on what she needs to do.  

Answering a question from the listeners in the...

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Delivering Customer Experience, David McCammon Writes in the London Business Journal

It’s beyond your product or service, it’s more than transactional. When you are providing for your customers, it’s not only about fulfilling what was agreed on but going beyond to give them an experience that stays.

This is what David McCammon, bestselling author of Image Power: Balancing Passion and Profit in Business, believes and practices in his industry. In an article he has penned in The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 2, he shares his own story of unforgettable experiences when “buying” a Christmas tree for his home during the holidays. What has been considered a usual custom became a family tradition because it was a valuable experience shared with his family.

The piece titled Customer Experience: The Ultimate ‘Best Buy’ is found in pages 42-43 and has also talked about how David and his wife apply great friendly service in their wedding photography business. They had built a brand of making the process special while delivering...

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What Kim Speed Has to Say about the Ideal Customer, Featured in The London Business Journal

What Kim Speed Has to Say about the Ideal Customer, Featured in The London Business Journal

There are billions of people in the world, you can definitely market to them! NOT. It’s been a long-time myth that everyone around the globe can be your customer. You can’t serve everyone or just anyone after all.

Kim Speed, bestselling author of the book, Branding on a Shoestring: How to Re-Create Your Small Business Identity and Increase Sales Results in 83 Days or Less, publishes an article in The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 about choosing your dream customers. The catch is, not all people can be your people. Out of desperation, sometimes you will tend to just accept any client who arrives at your doorstep even when they can end up as the wrong ones. It turns out that just like in any relationship, your client and you have to match for smooth-sailing transactions.

In the piece titled “Everyone Is My Customer”…Why Having That Strategy Is NOT Good for...

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A Company Free from Harassment: Mani Goulding Emphasizes Its Importance in the London Business Journal

At the height of the #MeToo Movement, what was thought as small voices have started to get heard. It is not only a reality in the entertainment industry or common households but is also existent in the corporate world.

Mani Goulding, author of the book Ready, Set, Launch! How to Help Your Teen Find a Career That Gives Them Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment, has written much-needed pointers in The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 about how companies can prevent or respond to harassment (in different forms such as sexual or abuse of power). Because, according to her, while abuse is devastating to the victim, it is also costly for the business when complaints or lawsuits arise.

Harassment issues can also negatively impact your employment brand, productivity, and environment; Mani emphasizes in the piece, How to Make Sure Your Company Is Free from Sexual Harassment in the Wake of #Metoo, found in pages 31-33. The main key is being proactive. Even before a complaint is raised,...

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Nimesh Mehta Writes for London Business Journal about How to Drive Success in Sales and Marketing

It’s no news that when it comes to sales, marketing, and networking, everything seems to be all driven and measured by numbers. However, let us not forget that behind it all are people who, at the end of the day, need or prefer organic engagement somewhere along the way.

Nimesh Mehta, the author of the international bestselling book called Sales Booster: The New Science and Art of Selling, has recently written an article for The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 about making quality connections. These are potential customers or partners you are dealing with but they are still humans after all. So while most interactions may be brief, there have to be real conversations. It could even be on a personal level.

Further in his article called Driving Success in Sales and Marketing found in page 56, he shared some pointers to achieve networking milestones, particularly during events – from the preparation, to when you set foot on the venue, during your talks from person to...

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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc Shares in The London Business Journal the Challenges of Hiring Smart

Is there really such thing as over-qualified? In the society of prejudice and finite thinking, even when you say “think outside the box”, there is still a box – the premise, the limit, the frame for your perception.

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc, bestselling author for the book Love the Skin You’re In: How to Conquer Life through Divergent Thinking, has shared some insightful views about hiring practices in a piece written for The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1. While some leaders look beyond the status quo when it comes to assessing candidates, businesses and society as a whole can still do better. It cannot be blamed on the industry alone because even in the educational system, children or the youth are directed to focus on tests, degrees, and credits more than to a holistic experience that prepares them for the dynamics of life.

In her article titled The “Box”: The Dissonance and Difficulty in Hiring Smart found on page 36, Dr. Virginia...

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Putting an End to Speakers’ Worst Practices and Scenarios: How to Go from a Struggling, Broke, Unsure, Overwhelmed Speaker to a Highly Successful Professional

Most attendees to my seminars are already good at what they do before they even came to me. They are experts in their fields, they have good content, and they have the potential to create an impact on their audiences and clients. 

Yet here’s a reality, many of them were struggling. Or worse, they were broke. They had invested so much time and effort into their crafted services or products. They spent money on courses, training, and lots of shiny things but with little to no return – still no audience, still not enough profits. They were frustrated, overloaded, and lost! 

Coming from nothing myself, I know how it feels. Getting a mentor, learning, taking action, and working hard and smart through the years, I have gotten out of the seemingly hopeless situation.   

Still, here’s the thing -- you don’t grow by...

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