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John Mavros Tackles Success of Children, Family, and Education on Different Brains®

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Clearly, it’s not just parenthood but also family, education, and community that are factors and contributors to a child’s success.  

John Mavros has been an educator since his early college years and was a guidance counselor when he retired. Even after retirement, he has continued to use educational concepts forming non-profit organizations on family services. It was also then that he realized the importance of family in child-rearing. Eventually, with his unwavering focus on the youth, he was brought to the journey of writing his book Enough Iz Enough: How Parents and Teachers Can Regain Control. This is an addition to the juvenile research studies he had already done. He talks about his life’s work in this interview with Dr. Hackie Reitman of Different Brains®.  

Different Brains®...

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Gillian Stevens Opens the Discussion on Support for the Helpers

Taking care of one’s self is selfish? This is the society’s mindset that causes unnecessary guilt for helping professionals. At one point or another, we ourselves had been helpers – as parents to our kids or caregiver to our loved ones. When we are empathetic to others, we tend to sacrifice our own needs.  

These are exactly what Gillian Stevens had observed in her years of counseling and volunteering and after further studies on trauma, loss, and death. In her journey, she got led to the question of who are helping the helpers – the educators, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders. To find answers to this question and be part of the solution, she started writing her book Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others (How Professionals Keep It Together). She talks about her...

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Keanu Reeves Is Doing a New Thing: Publishing Books

#gerryology Nov 07, 2018


Where you've been doesn't control where you're going!

Hey it's Gerry, I'm at the Texas Motor Speedway. The universe loves speed. You're too slow most of you. You need to speed up. You could go a lot faster in life. First is always better than best. Get movin' man!

I just watched a documentary called "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake." You know, the wrestling guy. And he's made this one line famous, and the line is: "My history does not determine my destiny." That sentence made so much sense to me, considering where I am today. Today I'm in Ottawa and my history is that I grew up in that house, right there, 116 Rochester, that's my history. My destiny is that I'm going to the moon, man. I just came back from a 20 city, 11 country, 60 day speaking tour. I know open for people like Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham. I'm not here anymore, and that's the interesting thing. If you look at where you've been, it doesn't necessarily determine where you're going. So keep your eyes on the...

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Kim Speed: Building Your Personal Brand? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

#gerryology Nov 03, 2018


Keep the Ego in check

Hey guys, it's Gerry. Everything's getting sound checked and perpared for a 4-5000 people who will be here tomorrow. I'm on right before Tony Robbins, I'm really excited about that. I got to fly in and sit in the front of the plane, I get to stay at a great hotel right across the street, I'll have thousands of people screaming my name and buying my product. You know what the danger is in all that? That it goes to your head. Keep a check on the ego. I've heard so many times, seen so many times, when an author gets a little bit of success, sees their picture on a book cover, and all of a sudden they start making demands and drinking their own koolaid, and thinking that they're all that. Don't do that. Keep your feet well grounded. Make sure you've got accountability to people around. Make sure you're still the same person now. Listen, once you've got lots of money, it's just isn't a reflection of who you are. Work on the ego, keep it in check. Keep in...

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Antonia Cetin Speaks at Ottawa’s Parent and Child Expo

#gerryology Oct 26, 2018


Is Your Marketing Outdated? Time to Explore!

Hey, it's Gerry Robert. If you're still communicating in old, antiquated ways, you're going to have a tough time in business today. Listen, the most effective way to communicate with your prospects, to get your message out, to impress customers, to get visibility, what is that? That's getting your own book. Get your own book, man, keep working at it! A book is easy and it will show you how to communicate in this day and age.

You gotta explore, man. Explore what gifts you have. Explore what you really want out of life. You gotta be willing to explore. You gotta be willing to try new things. Do that today. Spend some time thinking about what you could take on as the next level. 

You're never going to convince me in a million years that it's ok to give up, that it's ok to think small. Listen, I'm staying at this hotel because I changed my thinking 30 years ago. You've gotta change your thinking,...

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Learn To Master Your FEAR

#gerryology Oct 24, 2018

Why You Need to Master Fear

Hey, I'm not too sure about Victoria's Secret, but I am sure about this secret. I'm sure about the secret of fear. the thought I thought about, is a secret most people dont understand. And that is, if your goal in life is not scaring the pants off you, if its not causing you trepidation and fear, its probably too small. Take your goal, make it ten times as big, add a zero to it, do something, because the test of a good goal is that it should scare you. And that's the secret for today.

Come and see this. This building is abandoned. There's nothing here, you can hear the echo, its all abandoned. Never, never, never abandon your dreams. You don't want to end up with your life being a relic, like this place.

YES YOU CAN! Don't tell me you cant, you can! If you can think it, and ink it, you can have it. If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. Of course you can do what it is you want to do. Go after it, no...

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How Do You Make Decisions?

#gerryology Sep 22, 2018


The Key to Making Great Decisions!

Hey guys it's Gerry. I'm on my way to Bucharest today. Hey, have you ever asked yourself about decisions and how good you are at making decisions? You know in Think and Grow Rich he devoted a whole chapter to decisions. And he said "wealthy people make decisions quickly and rarely change their mind." And yet people who had not accumulated any money and had experienced financial failure in their life, one of the things that characterized them is it took forever to make a decision and once they did make that decision they changed their mind all the time. If you've got a problem making decisions and you can't make decisions really quick, my suggestion is that you reread that book, Think and Grow Rich, and particularly the chapter on making a decision. That's my thought for today, and I think it's a pretty important one!



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100 Best Sales & Marketing Ideas

#accelerator Sep 18, 2018

"Selling sure isn't what it used to be." claimed Azni Mohd Hussain, the Managing Director of a successful video production in Kuala Lumpur. Azni operates one of the most innovative and progressive companies in the country, still he knows that to win in business you must have 2 things:

You must have effective strategies and you must act consistently on those strategies.

Since, Azni and so many others in business are so keen to get these 2 powerful ideas going in their business, I thought I would share some of the best and most proven Sales and Marketing ideas I have used, taught and heard about.

1. Listen. God gave you one mouth and two ears. Let that dictate how much you use both.

2. Stay in touch. Make a decision to contact all your past clients at least once a month. If you don't, guess what? Your competition will.

3. Differentiate yourself. Why should someone buy from you? What makes you different from everyone else? It better be more significant than you are a "nice,...

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10 Strategies For Managing Time

#accelerator Sep 17, 2018

Whenever I conduct seminars and sales workshops around the world, I usually ask the audience if anyone would like to improve his/her time management skills. Without fail, one hundred percent of the hands in the room go up.

One American expert giving help to sales professionals is Hilton Johnson. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him face to face but have been very impressed with his ideas. Hilton used to offer a FREE "Sales Coach" newsletter online. Here are the ten strategies that the Sales Coach recommends. They will help you control your time and your life.

STRATEGY 1: The Twenty Five Thousand Dollar Idea

The late Earl Nightingale used to tell the true story of a large steel company CEO that offered to pay anything within reason to improve efficiency. Charles Schwab, the president and CEO of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, paid $25,000 to that consultant for an idea that was presented to him in just 20 minutes...and Mr. Schwab later said the idea was worth every penny. Here is...

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The Day I Interviewed Elvis

#accelerator Sep 17, 2018

My sister Claudette, a huge Elvis fan, almost died with envy the day I told her about interviewing Elvis. She is his biggest fan and couldn't believe her ears when I told about the day I interviewed The King. Well, I sort of interviewed him. Okay, okay it was only a dream. But I interviewed him in the dream.

As you might know my next book will be entitled, "The Elvis Syndrome: How To Turn Prospects Into Loyal Fans" I have been thinking a lot about the infamous King of Rock and Roll. I think Elvis is someone we can all learn from, especially if we are in sales and marketing. This guy knew how to sell. Let's face it, we should all be so good at what we do to have people talking (and writing articles) about us 40 years after we have died. No, the King does live on!

In my dream the other night, I dreamt that I interviewed the big guy from Memphis. Here's what the King of Rock & Roll had to say about selling.

What is your basic sales philosophy?

Be different! Man, be different.


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