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A Company Free from Harassment: Mani Goulding Emphasizes Its Importance in the London Business Journal

At the height of the #MeToo Movement, what was thought as small voices have started to get heard. It is not only a reality in the entertainment industry or common households but is also existent in the corporate world.

Mani Goulding, author of the book Ready, Set, Launch! How to Help Your Teen Find a Career That Gives Them Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment, has written much-needed pointers in The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 about how companies can prevent or respond to harassment (in different forms such as sexual or abuse of power). Because, according to her, while abuse is devastating to the victim, it is also costly for the business when complaints or lawsuits arise.

Harassment issues can also negatively impact your employment brand, productivity, and environment; Mani emphasizes in the piece, How to Make Sure Your Company Is Free from Sexual Harassment in the Wake of #Metoo, found in pages 31-33. The main key is being proactive. Even before a complaint is raised, management has to show that they are not only aware of the possibility of abuse in the workplace, they should have also specified in the policies that these acts are not tolerated across all members and stakeholders – even within the leadership team. She also adds that harassment prevention should be a continuous effort and not just a seasonal thing.

Mani has always believed that with the right environment among other factors, a productive and fulfilling career can be attained. Just as she shares in her book Ready, Set, Launch! How to Help Your Teen Find a Career That Gives Them Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment. That is why workplaces have to be protected from harm at all costs.

Thanks for keeping our eyes open, Mani!

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