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Anne Marie Cummings Gets Interviewed about Her Life Transitions at Online Success Journey Podcast

There’s simply more to retirement than golf games and travel! The thing is, this excitement may only happen in the first year. Eventually, this wears down and people will end up getting bored and losing meaning.

This and more are the reasons why Anne Marie Cummings has written the book called Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank and opened the Marigold Mansion to seniors who like to live together like one big happy family. To her, the mansion is the place where they can spend retirement fulfilling purpose rather than spending it in nursing homes where they’d wake up in the morning and wonder what to do with their day.

In her interview with Patience Nyesigire for Online Success Journey Podcast, Anne Marie did not only share about her book and business but also about her life transitions in tech sales, real estate, authorship, and entrepreneurship. She also talked about the importance of having a coach who not only inspires you but also pushes you forward and is tough on you so you never give up.

When asked what success means for her, Anne Marie responded without hesitation. In her sales career, it was big commission checks. That was how success was measured. Now, it is during her Retirement Reinvention events where people leave with much motivation to do something different with their lives. She helps her retired clients think through what they really want, then create a business and project plan with them so they know how to get from where they are today to where they want to be. Pretty much, her boot camp’s purpose has been summarized in her book Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank as well.

Listen to the episode here and get inspiration from her journey of self-rediscovery!

Congratulations to Anne Marie!

Patience Nyesigire is the creator and host of Online Success Journey podcast and blog. She has had the heart of an entrepreneur since her youth. She had a wonderful career as a nurse but the dream of having her own business never left her. After attending different seminars and events, she pursued her passion for finding a success formula – or a variety of success formulas – in building an online business. To view more content from her, visit


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