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Anne Marie Cummings Shares the Power of Reinvention in The Networking Diva Hour, Blog Talk Radio

People get invisible at a certain age. The sense of relevance, gone.

Anne Marie Cummings, author of bestselling book Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank, had observed that a lot of her friends and acquaintances were nervous approaching retirement as they did not know what to do. For her it was clear, she wanted to do something different from what she has been known to do in her technology work.

In the radio program, The Network Diva Hour hosted by Janiece Carlson and aired in Blog Talk Radio, Anne Marie Cummings was talking about her book journey and why she chose to touch on topics about baby boomers and their life after a career. She finds joy in helping people and making their retirement the best part of their life because to her personally, retirement has been the best part of her own life having not to depend on parents, teachers, or bosses, even clients on what she needs to do.  

Answering a question from the listeners in the full interview here, Anne Marie shared 3 steps to start the process of reinventing oneself – 1) write down your dreams as if no barriers exist, 2) create a vision of the perfect reinvention outcome, and 3) create a process map of the steps from where one is today and where one wants to be. She also talked about the property she acquired to get like-minded seniors to get together in one place. These bits of info and more are also found in her book Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank.

Kudos to this wonderful interview, Anne Marie!

The Networking Diva Hour weekly is hosted by award-winning businesswoman and international radio host and producer Janiece Carlson. It is a radio talk show about networking, business tips, preparing for job interviews, and more. TNDH gives back to the communities near and far! Live every Friday Morning 10-11 am MT in Blog Talk Radio. More about the program here:


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