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Anne Marie Cummings Talks about Retirement as a New Adventure in BookMarketingBuzzBlog

For most, growing old brings a lot of fear and uncertainty. When you are beyond your 50’s, what’s waiting ahead?

Anne Marie Cummings wanted to see things differently. After realizing that she’s about to retire from a 30-year career in technology and upon noticing people worrying about making the most out of older age, she got inspired to write a book that she titled Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank. She started thinking that the transition is a new adventure and not just an end of her career. Furthermore, she knew that there just has to be a place where boomers who think the same can be together and spend retirement more meaningfully. She talked about this with Brian Feinblum, the creator and author of BookMarketingBuzzBlog.

BookMarketingBuzzBlog is a unique site dedicated to covering the world of book publishing and the news media, revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions. It is also an avenue for author interviews, public relations, marketing, and more.

As for Anne Marie’s insights expressed in the blog, she wishes to reach more audiences who are in their mid-50’s or older, especially if they were professionals and would love to continue creating and discussing ideas or if they wish to stay motivated and fulfilled. For her, retirement doesn’t have to be lived in isolation and loneliness.

In her book, Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank, Anne Marie shares about self-reinvention and that there is an alternative lifestyle to nursing homes. She also imparts that this stage of life can still bring you the most happiness!

Read the full interview here and learn more about the new way to spend retirement.

Proud of this milestone for you and your book, Anne Marie!

Brian Feinblum is the creator and author of BookMarketingBuzzBlog. He is also the chief marketing officer for the nation's largest book promotions firm, Media Connect (, formerly Planned Television Arts, and has been involved in book publicity and marketing since 1989. For more of his works, check his book marketing site,


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