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Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Author Jack H.M Wong Featured in The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle

Coming from a stark realization that nobody really has a job security and that even a single mistake can cost him to lose his job, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Coach, International Tax Expert, and Amazon Bestselling Author, Jack H.M Wong shared the defining moment of his life that made him decide to leave the safe cocoon of the corporate world and charter into the unknown seas of entrepreneurship in The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle.

The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle is a podcast where each week, Jake uncovers the secrets to achieving great success by interviewing entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, and world-class creatives.

Understanding that job security is just a myth, Jack jumped into the entrepreneurial world and ventured into building his own business. Being financially, mentally and emotionally ill-prepared, the entrepreneurial journey was not a ‘walk in the park’ for Jack.

Thus, in the podcast, Jack shared his story:

  • Having the wrong training
  • Eye-opening moment
  • Deciding to quit
  • Jack’s Streams of Income
  • Habits for Success
  • Unique offered value
  • Free advice
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Role of the business owner
  • Branding
  • Giving statements
  • Making mistakes

The inspiring podcast also gave a glimpse at Jack H.M Wong’s daily routine; his valuable resources (such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Google); his recommended books; his idea of coaches and mentors, and the impact it made in his life.

Right people came at the right time, which according to Jack, “When the students are ready, the master shows up.”

And, thus, the lessons and realizations he learned in his entrepreneurial journey made him decide to write his groundbreaking and Amazon bestselling book, Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted to give aspiring entrepreneurs a head start in building their own successful business and help them prevent the same mistakes that Jack made.

Learn how Jack cracked the code of success and how you can, too HERE.

This is a phenomenal podcast, Jack! Congratulations on your successful interview!

At 25 years old, Jake Nicolle is the co-founder of 180 Drums, an e-commerce education business, and has spent the last 5 years becoming an expert in product development, product marketing, business operations, and online branding and strategy. At 180 Drums, in less than a year, he garnered an audience of over 200,000+ followers and 2M+ views through his unique strategy to online brand development. Alongside 180 Drums, Jake also interviews top performers across various industries including Forbes and Fast Company featured entrepreneurs, through Novel Podcast.


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