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Customers For Life

#accelerator Sep 17, 2018

I once spoke at a management conference for Brian Rowntree, one of the most successful automobile dealers in Canada.  Brian’s sincerity, his care and concern for his employees impressed me. I was equally impressed by his sincere desire to give the best possible service to his customers. Brian quoted Carl Sewell from his book Customers For Life.  I decided to get a copy. Then, last week I was visiting with Dean Cooke and Martin Slimming at Bantam books, and they gave me a copy.

Listen to what Harvey Mackay, author of Swim With The Sharks had to say about Customers For Life. I quote, “Sewell’s fundamentals are to an entrepreneur what the three R’s are to a teacher. This ingenious book should be required reading.”

Wayne Calloway, former Chairman and C.E.O. for PepsiCo Inc said, "If Carl Sewell’s common sense were more common, we’d have a lot more happy customers and workers in the world.  The lessons he has learned selling automobiles are the same lessons we should all learn in American business."

Carl Sewell’s Ten Commandments of Customer Service

  1. Bring 'em back alive: Ask customers what they want and give it to them again and again.
  2. Systems not smiles: Saying please and thank you doesn’t insure you’ll do the job right the first time, every time. Only systems guarantee this.
  3. Under promise, over deliver: Customers expect you to keep your word. Exceed it.
  4. When the customer asks, the answer is always “yes”: Period.
  5. Fire your inspectors and consumer relations department: Every employee who deals with clients must have the authority to handle complaints. 
  6. No complaints? Something’s wrong: Encourage your customers to tell you what you’re doing wrong.
  7. MEASURE EVERYTHING: Professional sports teams do it. You should too.
  8. Salaries are unfair: Pay people like partners.
  9. Your mother was right: Show people respect. Be polite. It works.
  10. Japanese them: Learn how the best do it: make their systems your own. Then improve them.

I have ordered a copy of this magnificent book for all of our employees. I suggest you do the same.


Download the PDF here.


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