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Delivering Customer Experience, David McCammon Writes in the London Business Journal

It’s beyond your product or service, it’s more than transactional. When you are providing for your customers, it’s not only about fulfilling what was agreed on but going beyond to give them an experience that stays.

This is what David McCammon, bestselling author of Image Power: Balancing Passion and Profit in Business, believes and practices in his industry. In an article he has penned in The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 2, he shares his own story of unforgettable experiences when “buying” a Christmas tree for his home during the holidays. What has been considered a usual custom became a family tradition because it was a valuable experience shared with his family.

The piece titled Customer Experience: The Ultimate ‘Best Buy’ is found in pages 42-43 and has also talked about how David and his wife apply great friendly service in their wedding photography business. They had built a brand of making the process special while delivering exceptional results. It can start with simple things like providing water for people on a hot summer day shoot. Truly, a wedding can be an event with pressures so they see to it that the clients can be kept at ease, relaxed, even having fun!

Still, to David, it’s not that easy. Wonderful customer experience is something you will have to plan out and design. It can start out as a plan that can be applied to every client and can be worked out and tweaked as needed.

David also shares not only about creating value around experience but also about loving your work, creating great business relationships, and more in his book, Image Power: Balancing Passion and Profit in Business.

Such a sincere and insightful write-up, David. Congrats!

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