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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc Shares in The London Business Journal the Challenges of Hiring Smart

Is there really such thing as over-qualified? In the society of prejudice and finite thinking, even when you say “think outside the box”, there is still a box – the premise, the limit, the frame for your perception.

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc, bestselling author for the book Love the Skin You’re In: How to Conquer Life through Divergent Thinking, has shared some insightful views about hiring practices in a piece written for The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1. While some leaders look beyond the status quo when it comes to assessing candidates, businesses and society as a whole can still do better. It cannot be blamed on the industry alone because even in the educational system, children or the youth are directed to focus on tests, degrees, and credits more than to a holistic experience that prepares them for the dynamics of life.

In her article titled The “Box”: The Dissonance and Difficulty in Hiring Smart found on page 36, Dr. Virginia encourages to go deeper than what meets the eyes or even what meets the current standards. For her, the only time a manager should “discriminate on or take something at face value is performance.” Because having a tribe with a host of skills works at your advantage and should not be taken as a liability. 

In a similar way, these thoughts are shared by Dr. Virginia in her book Love the Skin You’re In: How to Conquer Life through Divergent Thinking. It is her belief that being different is a privilege and not a burden. Some say "think outside the box", but to her, simply think without a box!

Way to go, Dr. Virginia!

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