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Gillian Stevens Opens the Discussion on Support for the Helpers

Taking care of one’s self is selfish? This is the society’s mindset that causes unnecessary guilt for helping professionals. At one point or another, we ourselves had been helpers – as parents to our kids or caregiver to our loved ones. When we are empathetic to others, we tend to sacrifice our own needs.  

These are exactly what Gillian Stevens had observed in her years of counseling and volunteering and after further studies on trauma, loss, and death. In her journey, she got led to the question of who are helping the helpers – the educators, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders. To find answers to this question and be part of the solution, she started writing her book Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others (How Professionals Keep It Together). She talks about her experience with Robert Sharpe for BITE Radio.  

BITE Radio was established in 2010 to provide a source of positive, enlightening programming. The Bringing Inspiration To Earth show focuses on presenting inspirational guests in the Self-Help, Spirituality, Children’s Corner and Environmental Awareness genres. Robert Sharpe is the founder of BITE Radio with more than 1,200 shows over a 7-year run.  

It is generally true that one can potentially lose a sense of self when supporting others in need. Even for those who had been in the helping profession, they had not been educated about the importance of self-care during their training. Society has a role in turning this around too, by how we treat others and how we validate them when they are looking after themselves.  

In her book Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others (How Professionals Keep It Together)Gillian shares life stories and ideas from many sources that can prompt her readers to make the best first step – putting one’s self first! She says that if you are already starting to lose the joy in your life and the things you like to do, that’s when you’d need to pause and make time. It has to be intentionally done like putting it on a calendar.  

Lose the guilt and be inspired! Listen to Gillian’s full interview HERE 

Thank you for this much-needed reminder on selflove! Wonderful interview, Gillian! 

Robert Sharpe, aside from being the host and founder of the BITE Radio show, is also a photographer and author of several books. Join him in his positive, informative, and fun show that’s also available on iTunes. Visit:


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