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#gerryology Nov 07, 2018


Where you've been doesn't control where you're going!

Hey it's Gerry, I'm at the Texas Motor Speedway. The universe loves speed. You're too slow most of you. You need to speed up. You could go a lot faster in life. First is always better than best. Get movin' man!

I just watched a documentary called "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake." You know, the wrestling guy. And he's made this one line famous, and the line is: "My history does not determine my destiny." That sentence made so much sense to me, considering where I am today. Today I'm in Ottawa and my history is that I grew up in that house, right there, 116 Rochester, that's my history. My destiny is that I'm going to the moon, man. I just came back from a 20 city, 11 country, 60 day speaking tour. I know open for people like Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham. I'm not here anymore, and that's the interesting thing. If you look at where you've been, it doesn't necessarily determine where you're going. So keep your eyes on the prize, no matter where you are. Your history does not determine your destiny. What are you aiming for? Aim big man, get out of the neighbourhood, get out of the neighbourhood.

Hey, it's Gerry. I'm in Berlin today. I'm at checkpoint Charlie. This is the area where people would go from West Berlin, leave the sanctions of the American, you see the sign here "You're leaving the American side." And I thought for my thought for today, you know sometimes it's good to leave the safety of one place, completely turn things around, leave everything behind and go into a new place. That's my thought for today from the checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany.



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