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#gerryology Oct 26, 2018


Is Your Marketing Outdated? Time to Explore!

Hey, it's Gerry Robert. If you're still communicating in old, antiquated ways, you're going to have a tough time in business today. Listen, the most effective way to communicate with your prospects, to get your message out, to impress customers, to get visibility, what is that? That's getting your own book. Get your own book, man, keep working at it! A book is easy and it will show you how to communicate in this day and age.

You gotta explore, man. Explore what gifts you have. Explore what you really want out of life. You gotta be willing to explore. You gotta be willing to try new things. Do that today. Spend some time thinking about what you could take on as the next level. 

You're never going to convince me in a million years that it's ok to give up, that it's ok to think small. Listen, I'm staying at this hotel because I changed my thinking 30 years ago. You've gotta change your thinking, man. You've got to think bigger! It's because I think big! It's because I work on myself. I'm working on this [my mind] all the time. And I suggest, as my thought for today, that you do exactly the same thing. And maybe we can come by this pool and swim together sometime. That'd be a riot, wouldn't it?

I'm talking about different marketing ideas and I wanna just show you a really really dumb marketing idea. So this guy is putting a coupon on a car. In this day and age, really? Hey, your marketing today has to be very innovative, very new, fresh. This was part of the 60's and 70's, man. Get with the program. Get yourself a book. Offer a book, that's the way to get innovative with your marketing. 

Hey, sometimes the road to the top is a long way up, but it's worth the ride, man, it's worth the ride.



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