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Jim Keck Shares Simple Ways to Losing Ways with Simple Health Radio

With all the many fad diets, weight loss programs, and hundred ways to losing weight, one confused, emotional, and at its wits end individual wanting and hoping to shed-off extra (or possibly a ton) of pounds may find themselves easily giving up and throwing in the towel in the weight loss division. 

Struggling for 20 years with his own battle of the bulge and the extra pounds, Jim Keck, owner of Kuma Health and Wellness and the creator of the Drop Zone Program, and author of the book, Lose 20 Lbs and Keep It Off ForeverThe Secret to Weight Loss for Life shares his ways of losing weight simply, naturally, and permanently as he joins Dr. Emran in the Simple Health Radio Podcast. 

Simple Health Radio Podcast discusses medical topics and promotes wellness using a simple podcast. It is hosted by Dr. Emran, a board-certified physician licensed in multiple states and works in hospital emergency departments in Houston, Texas. 

As what you eat is only half the question, Jim Keck also stresses the importance of the psychological factor or the kind of mindset when we started with our objective of losing weight. According to Jim, people should be happy and comfortable with the process of losing weight so they’ll have an easier time losing weight. When you take control of your mind, you eat better, healthier, and happier. 

Jim further indicated, “Simple works! Losing weight is hard, but don’t make it harder on yourself. Do simple things every day, multiply it over time, and watch the tremendous results.” 

Thus in his book, Lose 20 Lbs and Keep It Off Forever: The Secret to Weight Loss for Life, Jim shares the three (3) simple steps to losing weight and the secret to keeping it off forever; taking control of your weight, and small changes to be performed daily that can create big results. 

Be thin and fit right into your jeans! 

Thank you for opening our eyes that losing weight need not be complicated! Incredible interview, Jim!

Dr. Emran is an ER doctor who discusses diseases, medications, and treatments in a simple way. Join him each week to learn about health topics that could save your life. Simple Heath Radio is available on iTunes. 


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