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Jodi Vetterl Talks about Finding Achieving Financial Independence in the Online Success Journey Podcast

She had a 20-year high-tech software sales career that she loved and truly enjoyed. Aware that her job was not going to last forever though, she had juggled a business on the side. Yet upon a major change in her life, she starts asking what she really wants to become and eventually led her to a deeper and more meaningful course.

Jodi Vetterl is the author of a bestseller on Amazon, Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender. She was inspired to write this book to educate others with the resources and knowledge that have helped her create life balance in a more heartfelt way.

In her interview with Patience Nyesigire for Online Success Journey Podcast, Jodi shared a brief history of how it all started. As a person who had always been interested in financial independence, Jodi did not want to rely on others. Her turning point was the birth of her son, it was something she had always hoped for and dreamed of. Apparently, she accepted she couldn’t just do it all – continue with a full-time job and be a mother at the same time. Add to that a work environment that was turning unhealthy for her.

Eventually, Jodi made a decision, rolled up her sleeves, and mapped out her exit plan. It also became the moment of introspection for her and digging on her “WHY?” It was more than her child. She did not want her son to see a mom who’s always tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and hating her job or her boss. Motherhood was a long dream for her and she was determined to make it right.  What was right for her was an extraordinary life with her partner and her baby in a healthy atmosphere and with a healthy and happy mindset.

To Jodi, leaving a job with financial independence was a goal she achieved, and that meant success. She knew she was ready for a new chapter which was writing her book Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender. She found it important to share about looking beyond the banks for investments; looking for a more secure and safe way of investing. She has written “How To’s” of Private Lending in real estate including developing a money mindset health, building money rules, using the power of leverage, and more.

Listen to the episode here and learn how Jodi has transitioned from a happy career woman to a fulfilled entrepreneur.

Great content, Jodi!

Patience Nyesigire is the creator and host of Online Success Journey podcast and blog. She has had the heart of an entrepreneur since her youth. She had a wonderful career as a nurse but the dream of having her own business never left her. After attending different seminars and events, she pursued her passion of finding a success formula – or a variety of success formulas – in building an online business. To view more content from her, visit


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