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MAGGIE GEORGOPOULOS Gets Featured in Article

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. Maggie Georgopoulos, author of Up the Ladder in a Skirt, clearly knows that.

As a global business coach and inspirational speaker, Maggie has inspired business leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe, particularly helping women succeed in traditionally male-dominated businesses and industries. And, as a leading authority on women achieving success, Maggie has been, and remains, a highly sought-out source by various journalists and prestigious media publications such as Forbes Magazine.

If you are featured by a publication, it will generally come in one of two ways from the reporter if they’re contacting you from a press release. I have had journalists both email me and call me. The key to be featured is being available.” – Maggie Georgopoulos

In early 2017, Maggie recalls, she received an email asking if she would be able to speak to a journalist before 2 p.m. that very same day.

I was in London for International Women’s Day,” she recalls.

It was fortunate that I was sitting in a café between meetings. I responded to the email within 15 minutes of receiving it. I was called about an hour later.

She adds she had a short conversation with the journalist that led to her being featured as an expert on women in leadership in Forbes Magazine.

Maggie had a press release that was distributed in time for International Women’s Day. As a result, she not only received the opportunity to get into the larger conversation and grab media attention but her message was amplified, thereby boosting her reach and visibility.

Check out the Forbes article featuring Maggie Georgopoulos, Why Women Still Do Not Get On At Work.

Meanwhile, learn more about Maggie and her work by visiting her website at

All praises to Maggie’s stellar media success!

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