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Nimesh Mehta Writes for London Business Journal about How to Drive Success in Sales and Marketing

It’s no news that when it comes to sales, marketing, and networking, everything seems to be all driven and measured by numbers. However, let us not forget that behind it all are people who, at the end of the day, need or prefer organic engagement somewhere along the way.

Nimesh Mehta, the author of the international bestselling book called Sales Booster: The New Science and Art of Selling, has recently written an article for The London Business Journal Vol 5 Issue 1 about making quality connections. These are potential customers or partners you are dealing with but they are still humans after all. So while most interactions may be brief, there have to be real conversations. It could even be on a personal level.

Further in his article called Driving Success in Sales and Marketing found in page 56, he shared some pointers to achieve networking milestones, particularly during events – from the preparation, to when you set foot on the venue, during your talks from person to person, to leaving a lasting impression, up to knowing whom to spend most and least your time with.

In conclusion, Nimesh still imparts that you yourself are human too. It’s not all about what you can get from these people you’ve conversed with but also what you can offer to help. For him, it’s not about collecting names but building real relationships, and even potential long-term ones at that.

Not only in the article does Nimesh share some profound advice about selling and marketing, but also in his book, Sales Booster: The New Science and Art of Selling.

Grateful for your networking tips, Nimesh!

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