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Putting an End to Speakers’ Worst Practices and Scenarios: How to Go from a Struggling, Broke, Unsure, Overwhelmed Speaker to a Highly Successful Professional

Most attendees to my seminars are already good at what they do before they even came to me. They are experts in their fields, they have good content, and they have the potential to create an impact on their audiences and clients. 

Yet here’s a reality, many of them were struggling. Or worse, they were broke. They had invested so much time and effort into their crafted services or products. They spent money on courses, training, and lots of shiny things but with little to no return – still no audience, still not enough profits. They were frustrated, overloaded, and lost! 

Coming from nothing myself, I know how it feels. Getting a mentor, learning, taking action, and working hard and smart through the years, I have gotten out of the seemingly hopeless situation.   

Still, here’s the thing -- you don’t grow by getting, you grow by giving. So here I am continually speaking to millions of people sharing my story and decades of experience and crafting solutions to the most compelling problems of authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and speakers. 

Here are the worst practices and scenarios that need to end to get more clarity and results as speakers: 

  1. Trying to sell to everybody. You got to stop trying to sell to everyone and instead develop an ideal customer (I call this T.Popor Target Population). Often times, you don’t know who you are after and what their needs, desires, and problems are. Without deciding who you want to serve, you are unable to pin down what issues there are to solve and what solutions to craft to solve their issues.
  2. Not knowing your special sauce.  Just like you can’t just sell to everybody, you can’t just sell anything. You will have to realize and develop your superpower. It has to be a process of self-discovery and awareness. At my Science of Seminars, provide easy-to-do and -follow checklists and frameworks that will guide you to know where and what you are best at. 
  3. Offering only partial solutions. Stop selling information, start selling transformation. That’s what people want. Create an A-Z solution roadmap to get your clients from where they are now to where they want or need to be. Don’t leave them hanging but just getting them started.  
  4. Getting low profit from low-cost services. This notion that you got to sell low-priced items is over. Often times when you do this, you invest more resources and yet get little return. Don’t sell yourself short and charge according to your value! 
  5. Speaking like an amateur and speaking to nobody. What’s the use of great content without an audience? At my company, we use this unique system that has four main components – (i.) Front-End Event/Activity where you do an introductory speech or webinar, usually this is a free resource that drives to the (ii.) Back-End Events like a boot camp. This boot camp creates an environment that lets you sell a (iii.) High-End Product or Service. Only a few people may be able to afford this High-End Offer so you also create a (iv.) Low-End Offer as a downsell So, start off with creating a Front-End like a webinar or a seminar that will give you seats for your Back-End events. 
  6. Empty, low sales seminars, boot camps, masterminds. Consider this as a continuation of the last entry. With the help of your Front-End speech, you can drive seats to your Back-End events where you can sell high-ticket items. Plan and strategize these components well. 
  7. Getting hooked to complicated BS, marketing voodoo. Sometimes you get attracted to new, “innovative” marketing systems offered by online marketers. Simplify and minimize your processes to avoid overwhelm. 
  8. Struggling with selling. You can be the best in your industry, you deliver passionately, with good information but you are terrible at selling. Some of you feel guilty when selling too! But you see, we are all in the business of helping. You care so you share, so have that confidence to share and sell

A speaker can have a fabulous life. You get to travel, you meet people, and you create a dent in others’ lives. You can have fun and do what you love. These are great, but remember that it can also be lucrative without having to struggle.


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