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Wanna Bet? – Bet on Yourself!


As I was standing outside the ornate and beautiful Casino Monte Carlo, I could not help but think, ‘How many people walk out of that building with a whole lot LESS money than they walked in with.’

No one goes to a casino to give up their money on purpose but the overwhelming majority of people lose.  Ironically, many people lose more than just money. They lose their confidence. They lose their self-control. They lose their awareness of what is really happening and they can even lose next month’s rent or mortgage payment.

Contrary to popular belief, going to a casino or buying lottery tickets is NOT financial planning!

The beautiful building that is the Casino Monte Carlo was built, bought and paid for with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Whose money? LOSERS' money. People consciously went into the building, placed their bets – LOST – and the Casino survived. That the Casino is still in business is a testimony to the fact that people keep betting…and losing. As a matter of fact – it’s ironic – the Casino is betting too. They are betting on the fact that you will lose. And they win most every time. Want proof? They are still in business. Why? The odds are in their favor!

Would you like a sure bet? Would you like to have the odds in your favor?

Bet on yourself!!!

You might say, “I’ve tried that, betting on myself thing and it didn’t work.” PERFECT.

You got to feel what it was like to take a chance on you. But if all you did was try once, or maybe even a few times, the game is not over.

Here’s a tough question – When you bet on yourself, were the odds in your favor?

What does that mean? Were you trying something that was true to your heart, in your skill-set? Did you have the talent to do it? Did you have the desire? Really?

Or were you trying the latest Internet idea on how to make money by YESTERDAY?

The fad-of-the-month is easy prey for Internet marketers who are essentially an educational Casino. They want you to bet your money on their advice. Again – the odds are in their favor.

I am asking you to try it again. Trying betting on YOU this time. But this time, do it with the odds in your favor.  Here’s how…

One formula for mental strength that I have been employing for years is: E + ST = R

E stands for Event or Experience.

ST stands for SELF-TALK.


Let’s say you go through an Experience or Event and it does not turn out the way you had hoped.  For example, Experience: You tried speaking in public and it did not go well.

Here is where the ST (Self-talk) comes in. If you say, “That was terrible. I am never doing that again. I totally screwed that up.”  Your R (Result) will be, you will probably dismiss any other chance or opportunity to stand up in public and share your thoughts. The end RESULT – No more speaking and very little if any business.

Using the same example, what if you assigned a different ST (Self-Talk) to your Experience of giving a bad speech. You could say: “Wow, I blew that – oh well – everyone screws up once in a while.  I had to start somewhere. I got ‘that’ out of my system. Truthfully, I was a little unprepared and it was not an area of expertise for me.  Considering that I have never had a lesson in public speaking, it wasn’t all that bad.

I did make them laugh when I told a specific story. They seemed to like it when I told my real-life stories versus sharing other people’s advice.”

Your end R (Result), you will probably be willing to try it again.

My infamous colleague, Les Brown, has a great saying about allowing others and our selves the chance of putting ideas into our heads: “Don’t let anybody put weeds in your garden!” 

The garden of your mind is a fertile, organic place where ideas grow – even bad ideas. Bad ideas are weeds. Pluck out the weeds immediately. Weeds are thoughts that enter the garden of your mind and the weeds can strangle the good thoughts.

IDEA – I want to give a speech to promote my idea.

WEED – Remember the last time you gave a speech – it sucked!

REMOVE the WEED SYSTEM – Say this to yourself, “Thank you for sharing WEED. That simply reminds me that I was underprepared to give that last speech. This time I will do the proper preparation and I will tell stories about my experiences rather than just quote famous souls of the past.”

By acknowledging that the weed is there, you have to do something about it. The weed will not grow if you don’t give it any energy.  The weed will die completely if you yank it out of your garden and throw it away.

Let’s admit it: WEEDS Happen.  They are living things that require nurturing and energy to keep on living. There will always be weeds. Your responsibility as a business person is to tend to the sacred garden of your mind like a professional gardener tends to his flower bed – the professional doesn’t just weed the soil once in a while – it’s done every day!

When you step out to bet on yourself here’s another thought how to stack the odds in your favor:

Do something that celebrates your God-given gifts and talents, employ your resourcefulness in problem-solving, hone your skills by polishing up what you are good at and delegating the duties that don’t fall in line with your greatness….


Most dreams die simply because the dreamer does not take action.

How many seminars do you have to attend? How many personal development programs are you going to invest in before you take action?

“Yeah but, this next seminar is THE ONE that will get me over the hump!”

No it won’t. Only you can get you over the hump. What’s the hump? It’s a garden full of weeds. Sad thing is, it’s YOUR garden and YOUR weeds.

Here is my simple yet doable plan to BET on YOU and put the odd in your favor ALWAYS!

  • Get a clear picture of what you want
  • Acknowledge ALL the thoughts in your mind
  • Weed out the bad thoughts
  • Take action…. (Fully knowing you may or may not get a YES.)
  • Respond to the feedback given by the client
  • Pull out any weeds that have grown
  • Remember why you are doing it – for you, your family or your future
  • Take action again.
  • REPEAT as necessary.

A simple reminder – You ALWAYS WIN if you don’t give up!


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