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Anne Marie Cummings Talks about Retirement as a New Adventure in BookMarketingBuzzBlog

For most, growing old brings a lot of fear and uncertainty. When you are beyond your 50’s, what’s waiting ahead?

Anne Marie Cummings wanted to see things differently. After realizing that she’s about to retire from a 30-year career in technology and upon noticing people worrying about making the most out of older age, she got inspired to write a book that she titled Baby Boomer Bonding: Luxurious and Meaningful Lifestyle without Breaking the Bank. She started thinking that the transition is a new adventure and not just an end of her career. Furthermore, she knew that there just has to be a place where boomers who think the same can be together and spend retirement more meaningfully. She talked about this with Brian Feinblum, the creator and author of BookMarketingBuzzBlog.

BookMarketingBuzzBlog is a unique site dedicated to covering the world of book publishing and the news media, revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative...

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Be an Effective Speaker: How to Make the Best Intro for Your Talk on Stage

The first 30-60 seconds is crucial when you’re talking on stage. You have to do and be everything at once. You have to be believable, credible, enjoyable, relatable and more! People nowadays are said to have shorter attention span than ever because of technology so imagine having to keep up with that as a keynote speaker.  

Still, it doesn’t mean that making an impact early in your talk is impossible. Get your audience hooked right away! Remember, the whole focus is on them and not on you or your credentials at this moment in your speech, so put yourself in their shoes.   

Here are 5 different ways to have an attention-grabbing intro for your speech: 

1. Share a brief story. 

It could be related to your topic or it could be something that’s simply random and unusual or even absurd just to break the ice. It can be a sad story that you can turn into a success story at the end of your talk.  

2. Include humor.


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John Mavros Tackles Success of Children, Family, and Education on Different Brains®

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Clearly, it’s not just parenthood but also family, education, and community that are factors and contributors to a child’s success.  

John Mavros has been an educator since his early college years and was a guidance counselor when he retired. Even after retirement, he has continued to use educational concepts forming non-profit organizations on family services. It was also then that he realized the importance of family in child-rearing. Eventually, with his unwavering focus on the youth, he was brought to the journey of writing his book Enough Iz Enough: How Parents and Teachers Can Regain Control. This is an addition to the juvenile research studies he had already done. He talks about his life’s work in this interview with Dr. Hackie Reitman of Different Brains®.  

Different Brains®...

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Gillian Stevens Opens the Discussion on Support for the Helpers

Taking care of one’s self is selfish? This is the society’s mindset that causes unnecessary guilt for helping professionals. At one point or another, we ourselves had been helpers – as parents to our kids or caregiver to our loved ones. When we are empathetic to others, we tend to sacrifice our own needs.  

These are exactly what Gillian Stevens had observed in her years of counseling and volunteering and after further studies on trauma, loss, and death. In her journey, she got led to the question of who are helping the helpers – the educators, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders. To find answers to this question and be part of the solution, she started writing her book Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others (How Professionals Keep It Together). She talks about her...

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Kim Speed: Building Your Personal Brand? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

What do we truly know about personal branding? Is it being able to stand out in the sea of sameness? Or then again, is it the way we “self-package” ourselves to achieve success? If yes, how do we go about it?

Kim Speed, a consultant, creative director of Purple Moon Creative, and author of the groundbreaking book, Branding on a Shoe String: How to Re-Create Your Small Business Identity and Increase Results in 83 Days or Less, discusses how personal branding enables us to have the desired impression we want people to see us.

And, in order to influence other people’s perception of us, Kim shares four things to keep in mind in building our personal brand in an article published by the Canadian Institute of Management Magazine.

The Canadian Institute of Management Magazine is Canada’s senior management organization dedicated to professional development. Management professionals who are members or participants of CIM are informed and trained to be better...

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Antonia Cetin Speaks at Ottawa’s Parent and Child Expo

#gerryology Oct 26, 2018

Many doors and windows of opportunity open up when you’re an AUTHOR-ity!

For Antonia Cetin, a mom, instructional coach, home business entrepreneur, and author of the upcoming book, You’ve Got This Mom: A Mother’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Modern World, her opportunity came as a speaker in the Ottawa Parent and Child Expo where she also put up her author booth.

The Ottawa Parent and Child Expo is Ottawa’s biggest and most popular parenting and kids’ show in Canada’s National Capital Region. There are 125 local exhibitors, lots of play zones, and main stage entertainment events. Families come to the expo to learn about programs, activities, and services available to them in the area and to enjoy the activities and entertainment.

Antonia Cetin got her chance to be a speaker at Canada’s most popular parenting and kids’ show when she approached the event organizer about the possibility of...

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Learn To Master Your FEAR

gerryology Oct 24, 2018

Why You Need to Master Fear

Hey, I'm not too sure about Victoria's Secret, but I am sure about this secret. I'm sure about the secret of fear. the thought I thought about, is a secret most people dont understand. And that is, if your goal in life is not scaring the pants off you, if its not causing you trepidation and fear, its probably too small. Take your goal, make it ten times as big, add a zero to it, do something, because the test of a good goal is that it should scare you. And that's the secret for today.

Come and see this. This building is abandoned. There's nothing here, you can hear the echo, its all abandoned. Never, never, never abandon your dreams. You don't want to end up with your life being a relic, like this place.

YES YOU CAN! Don't tell me you cant, you can! If you can think it, and ink it, you can have it. If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. Of course you can do what it is you want to do. Go after it, no...

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Jim Keck Shares Simple Ways to Losing Ways with Simple Health Radio

With all the many fad diets, weight loss programs, and hundred ways to losing weight, one confused, emotional, and at its wits end individual wanting and hoping to shed-off extra (or possibly a ton) of pounds may find themselves easily giving up and throwing in the towel in the weight loss division. 

Struggling for 20 years with his own battle of the bulge and the extra pounds, Jim Keck, owner of Kuma Health and Wellness and the creator of the Drop Zone Program, and author of the book, Lose 20 Lbs and Keep It Off ForeverThe Secret to Weight Loss for Life shares his ways of losing weight simply, naturally, and permanently as he joins Dr. Emran in the Simple Health Radio Podcast. 

Simple Health Radio Podcast discusses medical topics and promotes wellness using a simple podcast. It is hosted by Dr. Emran, a board-certified physician licensed in multiple states and works in hospital emergency departments in Houston, Texas. 


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How Do You Make Decisions?

gerryology Sep 22, 2018


The Key to Making Great Decisions!

Hey guys it's Gerry. I'm on my way to Bucharest today. Hey, have you ever asked yourself about decisions and how good you are at making decisions? You know in Think and Grow Rich he devoted a whole chapter to decisions. And he said "wealthy people make decisions quickly and rarely change their mind." And yet people who had not accumulated any money and had experienced financial failure in their life, one of the things that characterized them is it took forever to make a decision and once they did make that decision they changed their mind all the time. If you've got a problem making decisions and you can't make decisions really quick, my suggestion is that you reread that book, Think and Grow Rich, and particularly the chapter on making a decision. That's my thought for today, and I think it's a pretty important one!



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100 Best Sales & Marketing Ideas

#accelerator Sep 18, 2018

"Selling sure isn't what it used to be." claimed Azni Mohd Hussain, the Managing Director of a successful video production in Kuala Lumpur. Azni operates one of the most innovative and progressive companies in the country, still he knows that to win in business you must have 2 things:

You must have effective strategies and you must act consistently on those strategies.

Since, Azni and so many others in business are so keen to get these 2 powerful ideas going in their business, I thought I would share some of the best and most proven Sales and Marketing ideas I have used, taught and heard about.

1. Listen. God gave you one mouth and two ears. Let that dictate how much you use both.

2. Stay in touch. Make a decision to contact all your past clients at least once a month. If you don't, guess what? Your competition will.

3. Differentiate yourself. Why should someone buy from you? What makes you different from everyone else? It better be more significant than you are a "nice,...

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