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Dream Big

gerryology Sep 15, 2018

Dream Big, you never know where you're going to end up!

This is my thought for today: Dream Big! You never know what kind of house you could end up in. This is the house for the president of India, pretty nice digs isn't it? You never know where you're going to end up!


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No More Complaining

gerryology Sep 14, 2018

A Complainer never added anything to the world, except more Complainers! 

My thought for today is: Make a deal with yourself that there will be no complaining today. We all have things to complain about. Try a day with no complaining, just let it go. Don't give fuel to it, just let it go. No complaining, that's my challenge for you today!


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IRENE STRONCZAK-HOGAN: Webinar Experience Has Led To An Array Of New Opportunities

For more than 25 years, Irene Stronczak-Hogan accumulated a wealth of knowledge of, and experience in, the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Now the author of Hot Chix Hot Sex: How to Survive Menopause is on a mission, offering a women’s health consulting practice specializing in serving menopausal women. Calling on her training as a pharmacist, she assesses patients and their symptoms, recommending appropriate therapies associated with her menopause-related programs.

“If you want to expand your tribe and your business, your journey as an author involves more than just writing pages for your book. It requires that you engage, educate, and inform your audience through other media such as webinars.” – Irene Hogan

Irene admits she ventured into the live webinar universe without really knowing what she was doing but with other experts in her field having gone that route, she decided to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak.

“I decided to...

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The Three Lies of the Habit Demon. Don’t Buy Into Them!

One of the things I am known for is telling it ‘straight’ even when straight isn’t always popular.

I’ve been a friend of Bill W. for over 40 years. Bill W. was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. (AA)  I guess it’s not too anonymous if I’m telling you J but as a teacher, mentor, and leader, I feel it’s important to tell the truth.

Before I was a ‘Graduate’ of AA, I was a ‘Sometimes’ member.  Sometimes I’d go to the meetings and stay ‘dry’ – sometimes I would miss the meetings because of certain ‘circumstances’.  What were the ‘circumstances’? I fell off the wagon!

For a while, until I learned new ways of coping, I fell into the clutches of three incredibly bad habits. The ‘Habit Demon’ would take over my mind and I’d get stuck in a loop of three self-destructive habits.

Gerry, what does this have to do with me – or my business?


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MAGGIE GEORGOPOULOS Gets Featured in Article

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. Maggie Georgopoulos, author of Up the Ladder in a Skirt, clearly knows that.

As a global business coach and inspirational speaker, Maggie has inspired business leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe, particularly helping women succeed in traditionally male-dominated businesses and industries. And, as a leading authority on women achieving success, Maggie has been, and remains, a highly sought-out source by various journalists and prestigious media publications such as Forbes Magazine.

If you are featured by a publication, it will generally come in one of two ways from the reporter if they’re contacting you from a press release. I have had journalists both email me and call me. The key to be featured is being available.” – Maggie Georgopoulos

In early 2017, Maggie recalls, she received an email asking if she would be able to speak to a journalist before 2 p.m. that very same day.

I was in London...

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


While exploring a tourist site in Malaysia recently I came upon a modern-day assembly line. I say ‘modern-day’ only because it happened recently. Truthfully, the assembly line was antiquated and it had no machines or technology.

The goal for this 10-man team was to take a pile of old bricks – thousands of old bricks and move them from an outside location, down some stairs to an inside location where they could be re-purposed into a new structure or be a part of a new wall.

Eight men all had the same job, catching the brick that was thrown to them and tossing it to the next man. The other two guys had slightly different responsibilities. The first guy in line had to grab a brick from the enormous pile and toss it to guy #2.

Number two passed it to #3 and so on until it got to guy #10.  He received the tossed brick from #9 and had to place it in a semi-neat pile so that the bricklayer could efficiently grab it and construct the wall. (When he eventually...

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Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Author Jack H.M Wong Featured in The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle

Coming from a stark realization that nobody really has a job security and that even a single mistake can cost him to lose his job, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Coach, International Tax Expert, and Amazon Bestselling Author, Jack H.M Wong shared the defining moment of his life that made him decide to leave the safe cocoon of the corporate world and charter into the unknown seas of entrepreneurship in The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle.

The Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle is a podcast where each week, Jake uncovers the secrets to achieving great success by interviewing entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, and world-class creatives.

Understanding that job security is just a myth, Jack jumped into the entrepreneurial world and ventured into building his own business. Being financially, mentally and emotionally ill-prepared, the entrepreneurial journey was not a ‘walk in the park’ for Jack.

Thus, in the podcast, Jack shared his story:

  • ...
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Remember your first kiss? Was it incredible or was it a disaster?  Either way I am betting you got better at it as time went by.

Remember the first time you had to ask for an order? Was it incredible or was it a disaster?  Either way I am betting you got better at it as time went by.  Or maybe not!

Over the years I have proven to be a pretty darn good salesman. Also, if you ask my wife, Anne, I’m sure she’d tell you I am a world-class kisser too!

Let’s go back to the kiss for a moment (it’s more fun).  When you are about to kiss someone you may experience butterflies, you lean in, your partner leans in, there’s hesitation, you make your move, your partner responds… and both parties engage in an amazing and mutually beneficial event – the perfect Kiss!

Now, let’s discuss asking for the order again. (You know what – that’s fun too! When it’s done right!) When you are about to ask for the...

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“I am not afraid of anything. I wasn’t afraid to lose either of my matches. It didn’t matter about the gold medal.

I love to wrestle and I just wanted to have fun and I did.”

These were the words spoken on August 18, 2016 by young Canadian, Erica Wiebe, after she won a gold medal in women’s wrestling at the Olympic games in Brazil.

What if we re-learned how to handle fear, stress, and risk?

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it…let’s …


Many of you will recognize the above first line from an old-time song…

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it…


Birds take risks to find food and build their nests. Bees take risks to search for pollen and serve their Queen. I must admit, I don’t know much about fleas and their daily habits and activities – but I am sure they take risks too.

To continue with the words of the...

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Wanna Bet? – Bet on Yourself!


As I was standing outside the ornate and beautiful Casino Monte Carlo, I could not help but think, ‘How many people walk out of that building with a whole lot LESS money than they walked in with.’

No one goes to a casino to give up their money on purpose but the overwhelming majority of people lose.  Ironically, many people lose more than just money. They lose their confidence. They lose their self-control. They lose their awareness of what is really happening and they can even lose next month’s rent or mortgage payment.

Contrary to popular belief, going to a casino or buying lottery tickets is NOT financial planning!

The beautiful building that is the Casino Monte Carlo was built, bought and paid for with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Whose money? LOSERS' money. People consciously went into the building, placed their bets – LOST – and the Casino survived. That the Casino is still in business is a testimony to the fact that people keep...

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