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Antonia Cetin Speaks at Ottawa’s Parent and Child Expo

#gerryology Oct 26, 2018

Many doors and windows of opportunity open up when you’re an AUTHOR-ity!

For Antonia Cetin, a mom, instructional coach, home business entrepreneur, and author of the upcoming book, You’ve Got This Mom: A Mother’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Modern World, her opportunity came as a speaker in the Ottawa Parent and Child Expo where she also put up her author booth.

The Ottawa Parent and Child Expo is Ottawa’s biggest and most popular parenting and kids’ show in Canada’s National Capital Region. There are 125 local exhibitors, lots of play zones, and main stage entertainment events. Families come to the expo to learn about programs, activities, and services available to them in the area and to enjoy the activities and entertainment.

Antonia Cetin got her chance to be a speaker at Canada’s most popular parenting and kids’ show when she approached the event organizer about the possibility of...

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Remember your first kiss? Was it incredible or was it a disaster?  Either way I am betting you got better at it as time went by.

Remember the first time you had to ask for an order? Was it incredible or was it a disaster?  Either way I am betting you got better at it as time went by.  Or maybe not!

Over the years I have proven to be a pretty darn good salesman. Also, if you ask my wife, Anne, I’m sure she’d tell you I am a world-class kisser too!

Let’s go back to the kiss for a moment (it’s more fun).  When you are about to kiss someone you may experience butterflies, you lean in, your partner leans in, there’s hesitation, you make your move, your partner responds… and both parties engage in an amazing and mutually beneficial event – the perfect Kiss!

Now, let’s discuss asking for the order again. (You know what – that’s fun too! When it’s done right!) When you are about to ask for the...

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