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Putting an End to Speakers’ Worst Practices and Scenarios: How to Go from a Struggling, Broke, Unsure, Overwhelmed Speaker to a Highly Successful Professional

Most attendees to my seminars are already good at what they do before they even came to me. They are experts in their fields, they have good content, and they have the potential to create an impact on their audiences and clients. 

Yet here’s a reality, many of them were struggling. Or worse, they were broke. They had invested so much time and effort into their crafted services or products. They spent money on courses, training, and lots of shiny things but with little to no return – still no audience, still not enough profits. They were frustrated, overloaded, and lost! 

Coming from nothing myself, I know how it feels. Getting a mentor, learning, taking action, and working hard and smart through the years, I have gotten out of the seemingly hopeless situation.   

Still, here’s the thing -- you don’t grow by...

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