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How Authors Can Build a Massive Database – Insider Tutorial

Having written and sold hundreds of thousands of books, I can tell you that I’ve missed a boatload of opportunities to engage my readers. In this short video tutorial, I show my team at Black Card Books why I insist on each one of the books we publish to have at least 3 different QR codes in each book.  I provide several examples of how authors might use this powerful tool to build a database, which we all know is one of the biggest challenges any marketer needs to overcome.

I suggest offering something for FREE to encourage readers of books to get in touch with the author. I call these A.M.D.s (Attraction Marketing Devices). Here’s a sample of what can be offered:

  • FREE Special Report
  • FREE Coaching Session 
  • White Paper 
  • Best Practices 
  • Newsletter 
  • FREE 2nd Opinion 
  • Video Series 
  • Product Demonstration 
  • Webinar 
  • Seminar Ticket 
  • FREE Home Study Course
  • FREE Tips / Tricks
  • FREE Quiz
  • FREE Checklist 
  • FREE Tools

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