Catherine Watson

Catherine Watson is a professional psychic medium who lectures and writes about her experiences with people and spirit connections. Catherine has been featured in the documentary Limit is the Sky and on Fort McMurray Shaw TV. She has traveled extensively and worked with over 2000 clients in her search to find truths and faith in the psychic, human soul and our connection to spirit.

Catherine teaches classes in psychic development and challenges her audiences to think in different ways. Catherine has been employed, has been vetted, and then employed as a phone psychic/medium. She is certified as a Reiki Master and hypnotherapist.

About the Book

Each chapter increases the understanding of psychic abilities. It is the outcome of the eleven years I spent searching for answers speaking with psychics and searching through books.

Psychics are neighbors, lawyers, bookkeepers, hairdressers, therapists and like me, a Haul Truck driver.

Are you ready? Are you wondering, wandering, and searching for explanations of your own gifts? Then this book is for you! Put the information to use. Practice the exercises. Throw away old beliefs. Discover what gift you have.

Yes, you are psychic. It is a gift. It is a gift we were born with. How do you use your intuition, the gut instinct? How do you connect to the gifts, understand the guides and notice the guardians?


Open your mind! Learn to recognize your psychic self. Understand your unique gift.

Let the physical senses reflect your metaphysical IQ. You are not crazy! You are not alone! Challenge your mind and heart. Learn to see, feel and know the energy of your soul.

Release your spiritual side. Take a mind-opening adventure in the pursuit of your self-development.

The time is right to acquire an understanding of your gift. Take this personal journey. Find truths ring true. Join the quest. Strived to understand the synchronistic events.

Find faith and know you are normal.

Learn How…

You can break the judgment and fear of intuition. Learn to accept that it is okay to be psychic because it is normal. Many atheists call the bible fiction yet there are more people reading the bible than a science journal. Can searching for a different answer be wrong?

You can stop feeling alone and find joy when you connect to people you love who have left this earthly plane of existence. Learn how to use any skill, the psychic tools in your mind and understand how these make you braver and keep you safer.

Uncover in These Pages…

Would you like to learn about your intuitive nature? If you think you are intuitive ask a psychic. Ms. Watson wants to share what she has learned over the past eleven years. Her practical advice and examples can help you realize an income or help you find self-awareness to fine-tune your hunches, intuition or instincts and help you grow as a person. This book can help you learn you are not alone because Ms. Watson believes we are all psychic, intuitive and instinctive. You are not crazy. You are psychic. Recognize and use it as a profession or as an aid.

  • Are psychic tools gifts or curses?
  • You know you are going psychic when you think of a friend and the phone rings and it is your friend.
  • It is time to accept your psychic self.
  • Intuition is real and there is enough anecdotal evidence to support this statement.
  • We are learning that science like medicine is an art. There are some rules but there are many gut hunches just like using your psychic tools.
  • Have you met anyone who has not used their instinct, gut hunch or intuition?
  • The earth is not flat nor is it perfectly round. Intuition is around all of us. Are we open for the debate?
  • Our eyes see the world upside down. Our brain turns it around.
  • We interpret our world through religion, culture, philosophy, science, medicine, art, music, etc. Stop valuing the external influence and have faith in your internal psychic gifts.
  • The time is right to understand all the parts of the human being: the tangible body, mind, and the intangible, soul, and spirit.

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