Chris Chan C.O. and Ng Siew Siew

CHRIS CHAN CHUEN ONN is a former engineer who, in his early thirties, decided to reach for his dreams and switch to an exciting career in financial planning. After his father suffered an unexpected stroke, Chris chose to further refine his career goals and dedicated his life to helping individuals and families protect themselves from potential financial burdens through smart and effective financial decisions with a positive impact that will last for generations.

NG SIEW SIEW is a sociologist with an interest in the study of human behavior. As a certified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and a leadership coach, she has helped many individuals overcome limiting beliefs and achieve peak performance in their career and personal pursuits. She endeavors to share her own journey of self-discovery in order to bring hope to those who feel “trapped” in the rat race of life. Through her life works, she seeks to empower people to pursue the dreams they have long thought unreachable.

About the Book

Most people spend their lives chasing wealth, success and personal achievements, but many fall short of their dreams and settle for far less. In the book that you are holding, authors Chris Chan Chuen Onn and Ng Siew Siew explore the reasons why people fail to fulfill their ambitions and present a series of simple steps everyone can take to get more out of life and create an extraordinary quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Using their combined expertise in Financial Planning and Sociology, the authors construct a framework for solving the issues of modern-day life that are holding you back. You will learn to overcome deep-rooted issues with self-image, develop a better understanding of your values and bypass your fear of failure to push yourself towards your goals.

With a new and improved sense of self, you will be able to take to heart the authors’ lessons in financial literacy to ensure long-term security for yourself and your loved ones.

Learn How To…

To live life by design, not by default. You will potentially cut short your learning curve and learn how to how to design your future with a small mindset shift to reclaim your personal power and embrace life. You will also discover simple, practical tips to manage your relationships, health and the limited time you have. Strategies to accumulate wealth and protect your loved ones from the stress of financial burdens are included in the GIFT to you.

Uncover in These Pages...

A simple, proven 3-step system to get more out of life, create an extraordinary quality of life, and protect your loved ones from potential loss and regrets.

In these pages you will uncover...

  • A framework to complete your past and design your ideal future
  • Empowering techniques to seize your personal power and conquer resignation in your life
  • Ways to overcome deep-rooted issues with self-image, as well as the fear of failure and rejection. 
  • Simple, practical tips to develop healthy and loving relationships with self and anyone important to you.
  • Secrets to retire your parents and allow your children to pursue their dreams and have their freedom to follow their hearts
  • Strategies to build a healthy nest egg for your retirement, achieve financial abundance and protect the wealth you have accumulated.
  • Ways to save yourself and your loved ones from hefty medical costs.
  • Easy step-by-step guide which you and your children can take to keep the doctor away.
  • Choices that you can make to balance your pursuits in life and health without sacrificing time with your loved ones.
  • A series of steps to take to pass our life experiences to future generations and to leave a legacy that money cannot buy.

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