Cynthia Brace

Cynthia Brace is a registered holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioner, and certified reflexologist. Her personal experience with health issues triggered the many years of education, study, and continuing changes in her life.

Frustrated with the abundant yet often confusing information-bombarded society today, Cynthia seeks to take people back to basics with regard to nutrition and their personal power. She is passionate about coaching and educating using the holistic approach of Mind, Body, Spirit to help people start and continue their journey to become their best selves.Written with warmth and humor, this book is driven by a desire to help people take back their personal power.

Cynthia shares many of her own experiences along with the advice of many experts interviewed for this book.Cynthia has worked for many years as an interior designer while studying and working in the alternative therapies field. She continues to work as a residential designer, helping people find joy in their personal spaces.


 About the Book

Being a busy lady boss or professional can bring unique challenges to being healthy—anxiety, stress, exhaustion, forgetting to eat, eating all the wrong things.

Frustration from not really knowing how to change things and even feeling like you’re not allowed to take the time to figure it out. Realistically though, how are you going to help your clients and create the freedom you want if you’re burnt out and feeling horrible?

YOU are just as important as your clients and you can have the energy and clarity you need to excel at your passion, enjoy your life, and be healthy while doing it.

Learn How To…

Be a busy lady boss or professional and not sacrifice your health for your business or job. You can break free from the old habits that aren’t serving you and, with these tools, take control of your health and wellbeing to create freedom and balance in your life.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • 8 steps to feeling (and looking) awesome.
  • How to have more energy for your business and life.
  • How to hear when your body speaks and sometimes screams at you.
  • How to find your personal why.
  • How to raise your energetic frequency and become a people magnet.
  • How to put the brakes on stress and anxiety.
  • How to choose quality supplements so you don’t waste your money.
  • Why constipation can give you a foggy brain and how to regulate bowel movement.
  • The power of thoughts and emotions on your wellbeing.
  • 6 proven ways to make your progress stick.


“A must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their life effectively.”

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, Author of MAXIMized Health


“Redesign Your Interior cuts straight to the chase on what you need to know in making the most out of living your life to the fullest.”

Dr. José Cross, Author of Business Is Booming


“Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to make any change in their life yet having trouble doing so can benefit from thedown-to-earth knowledge in this book.”

Jarod A. Anderson and T.L. Anderson, Authors of Five Star Mentality


“What a fantastic, straightforward and honest book. Congratulations, Cynthia Brace!”

Marilyn Pierce, Author of Ground Work Before Pound Work


“An inspiring book that will help many to take responsibility in their lives, and feel more confident in their decisions.”

Rhonda Uretzky, Author of The Blissful Warrior




“This is a great book for anyone not quite living the life they want. Cynthia’s engaging warmth is felt throughout the book.”

Rondea Wine, Author of Stop the Junk


“Redesign Your Interior is an invaluable tool to begin or continue your journey into self-realization and positive health and wellness.”

Sherry Brantley, Author of STEPP


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