Dan Mercer

Dan Mercer is a California real estate developer who learned the hard way that real estate investing is all about CASH-FLOW.

In the California real estate market crash of 2008 – 2009, he suffered through two foreclosures and one short sale, and lost more than $300,000. But Dan decided this was actually a valuable learning experience. He picked himself up, searched for a sane market and started fresh, focusing on cash-flowing properties.

In The Platinum Touch, he describes for readers exactly how he uses his skills as a developer to buy even severely distressed homes, sometimes as cheap as $1,400. He then renovates these properties top-to-bottom, creating great (and steady) rental income. In one case, Dan was able to get an owner to pay him $3,000 to take a perfectly good house off their hands! Within just 12 months he was able to buy more than a dozen rental properties that will generate cash returns well in excess of 15% per year.

Now he is focused on taking this to the next level by using the same strategies to buy and renovate distressed apartment buildings for massive CASH-FLOW.

About the Book

It can be risky and painful to invest in real estate in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Platinum Touch will give you the keys to investing in SAFE, high cash-flow rental properties ANY time.

Learn How...

  • To use leverage and inflation to increase your returns.
  • To generate cash-flow with virtually no taxes.
  • To use the tax code to help grow your wealth.
  • To implement your own retirement plan.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • The dirty little secret about inflation.
  • Discover why the right rental real estate is 5 times better than gold.
  • Learn how to generate great cash-flow with no sweat and low-risk.
  • Find out where to go for CASH-FLOW.

Apply the Information in The Platinum Touch and You Can SAFELY Generate 10% Returns with Little or No Taxes, Year After Year!

Learn Why...

  • Owning California Real Estate can be risky
  • Inflation will get worse and eventually destroy the dollar
  • Betting on appreciation is worse than going to Vegas
  • Cash-flowing Real Estate is SAFE and offers so many tax benefits

Learn Why...

  • Generate passive income from real estate that is virtually tax-free
  • Leverage your assets to increase your returns
  • Create your own retirement plan
  • Invest 2,000 miles from home and sleep soundly at night

Learn Where...

  • 10% returns can be achieved with low-risk
  • The law favors property owners
  • You can buy fully renovated rental homes for $80,000 or less and rent them for $850 per month or more


"The Platinum Touch will help you understand the power of leverage and depreciation to generate steady, virtually tax-free cash flow."

Aquiles Tan Jr., author of My Second Chance


"Not only does The Platinum Touch have a lot of great information about investing in a cash flowing property in middle America, but the charts and tables make the information easy to understand. You will also love the humorous stories the author uses to get the point across. "

Rondea Wine, author of Stop the Junk



"If you are a real estate investor looking for a safe, cash flowing investment properties, you definitely need to read The Platinum Touch."

J. Michael Cavitt, author of The "R" Effect


"This book will open your eyes to the perils of investing in rental property and the great opportunities east of the Rockies."

Analena Rebelo, author of Getting To SOLD



"The Platinum Touch gives clear and concise explanation of what causes inflation, and how the savvy real estate investor can use inflation to increase their wealth faster."

Elizabeth Frisch, author of Mission to Million$



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