Daniel Crépault

Dr. Daniel Crépault knows addiction because he’s lived it. At 17, he was a high school drop-out who used drugs daily and had already been in trouble with the police. Today, he’s 15 years sober and has a PhD in Criminology. This transformation happened because he got help from Harvest House Ministries, a drug treatment program in Ottawa with 40 years of experience treating addiction. He is now the Program Director at Harvest House and spends his days helping addicted young men change their lives as he did. Dan is living proof that with the right treatment and guidance, an addict can tap into potentials they never knew existed and that they can live an incredible life.

About the Book

Drug addiction destroys lives and over the past few decades, it has become deadlier than ever. In The War on Sobriety, you’ll read about what the changes in drug addiction and recovery have been like for people trying to get sober. This book will help you understand the drug addiction scene for the last 40 years from the perspectives of addicts and treatment providers. But it does more than that; it shares real stories of failure and success, sorrow and hope. In the world of addiction recovery, the heartbreaking accounts and the joyful stories often come hand in hand. This book shows that in the midst of the despair in addiction, there is hope.

Learn How...

The War on Sobriety will show you what has made addiction recovery so difficult over the past 40 years and how this has led many people to lose faith that addicts can get better. Most importantly, you'll learn that, despite the odds against them, many addicts are still getting sober and changing their lives. This book shows that there is indeed a way to move forward. It is a call to begin investing in solutions for addiction, to give people a fighting chance to live.

Uncover In These Pages...

The stories in this book reveal what addiction and recovery are really like. They provide important lessons that can help us save lives.

  • Read stories of drug addiction and recovery.
  • Learn how addiction has changed over the last 40 years.
  • See addiction and recovery through the eyes of those who have lived through it.
  • Learn how common beliefs about alcohol make it harder for alcoholics to get sober.
  • Read about how crack cocaine changed the drug scene.
  • Learn how prescription opioids became such a problem.
  • Learn about the impact of black market opioids like fentanyl.
  • Learn how hopelessness about addiction can make recovery even harder.
  • See how long-term treatment can still save lives, one life at a time.
  • Understand how you can make a difference for those suffering from addiction.

The stories of recovering addicts and alcoholics show that despite the ever-rising death toll of addiction, there are still people getting sober and transforming their lives. Their stories reveal that even in the midst of the despair and devastation of addiction, there is still hope. We must not allow ourselves to be calloused to the addiction epidemic or skeptical towards an addict's chances of recovery. If we give our support to those who want help and invest in their long-term success, we will see amazing results.


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