Dave Razo

Dave Razo spent a long and distinguished career as a pilot and leader in the United States Air Force. His military career took him to over 30 countries and along the way he managed to obtain three graduate degrees: MS, Management Operations; MA, International Relations; MS, National Resource Strategy. In his last two assignments, he oversaw thousands of men and women serving their county. He was personally responsible for leading over 10,000 military and civilian members while in Japan and managing and balancing a budget of over $2 billion.

In Dave’s final Air Force position, he was the director of training for a major command with staff oversight responsibilities affecting 60,000 service members.

As an investor in the stock market for more than 34 years, Dave has seen his share of ups and downs. When the tech bubble burst in 2000, and seeing their nest egg decline, he decided a change was needed. He made it his mission to learn everything he could about the stock and option markets. He “invested” both time and resources into his own education, completing an extensive and in-depth two-year education and training program by 2006.

When Dave retired as a colonel in 2006, he founded Razor Sharp Investments to focus on successfully trading his personal accounts. Dave was successful early in his independent trading and was initially hired as a part-time contractor by Investools in early 2007 to help others learn how to trade independently. He continued to contribute to their education program during their transitions to the ThinkorSwim Group and TD Ameritrade.

After four years with this education and training team, Dave left this role to focus more on his own trading and the Atlanta Investor Group that he had organized and grown to over 300 members. This group was totally dedicated to helping aspiring investors become consistently profitable and was completely free to all members. In addition, Dave authored a daily “MarketBuzz” report describing key stock market events and making short and medium-term forecasts as to where the market would be heading.

As a professional trader for thirteen years, Dave has refined his skills and developed winning strategies for any market—up, down, or sideways. Since 2006, several struggling investors, friends, and family members have asked Dave to manage their investments. He realized just how frustrated many people are with their investments and decided that the time was right to share his skills and his unique “mental money mindset” with others so that they might benefit from his experience.

In 2012, Dave co-founded the BetrOptions Investment Group, LP to provide investors with a better investment alternative. After helping to build that partnership to over $5 million, he decided to reach out to assist more investors in their financial journey. In 2017, he resigned from the partnership to open Your Best Option Investments—a company totally dedicated to helping the individual investor maximize their investing dollar.

Dave continues to be committed to a life of service, connecting with family, friends, and partners and serving a greater good—with integrity and excellence. He is active in his local church and currently serves as the president of the Board of Directors for Family Promise of Greater Houston County, a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping homeless children and their families get back to a sustainable independent living environment. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Gansu, Inc., a Christian-based, non-profit corporation; and he recently completed a one-year stint as the president of the Warner Robins Rotary Club. Dave is a dedicated husband of 36 years and father of 34 years. He remains closest to his wife, a retired special education teacher, and his daughter, who graduated with an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Most importantly, Dave is disciplined and determined; investing is his passion and his profession, and he targets returns above the norm for his investing partners. He is committed to these values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

About the Book

What is your financial blueprint? Life starts between our ears—in our mind—and you must first have an empowering financial blueprint in your mind before you can have sustained wealth in your life. Rich Life, Wealthy Life will show you how to find your blueprint and then change it to one that will work for you rather than against you. Dollars and divorce (or disharmony)—why are finances one of the leading causes, if not the leading cause, of divorce and disharmony amongst couples?

This book, Rich Life, Wealthy Life, delves into the leading causes of this disharmony and provides solutions to this emotional distress and options toward empowering, harmonious relations.

Do you have the necessary fundamental habits toward wealth creation? Learn what these habits are and how to develop them. Put in place the necessary environment to reinforce these habits and make them stick—as easy as one, two, three!

Become perpetually happy. Discover what really makes you happy. Sustained happiness is more than money. There is a recipe and it is repeatable. Develop the happiness habit through achievement, fulfillment, relationships, and transcendence.

Learn How To...

Overcome the stress associated with finances—one of the biggest obstacles people have in living a happy life.

  • Live a financially stress-free life knowing you are on the right track toward your financial goals.
  • Build a portfolio designed for your personal needs and desires.
  • Easily track your financial numbers so that you always know exactly where you are in your investing life.
  • Reduce risk and increase your return on investment.

Uncover in These Pages…

Partner with trustworthy investment professionals to ensure your financial security, growth, prosperity, and happiness.

  • Money is the root of all happiness—not.
  • Relationships and money—we can’t live without them.
  • Know yourself—conservative vs. aggressive.
  • Know your numbers.
  • Get to where you want to be.
  • Eliminate your investment drains.
  • Learn how to cut fees.
  • Learn how to cut taxes—legally.
  • Limit your downside risk.
  • Maximize your investment dollars without increasing risk.
  • Avoid the crash—minimizing the downside.
  • Live like having it all—relax and enjoy it! Celebrate.
  • Give back. It is living financially free.

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