David McCammon

David discovered photography as a teenager and has been photographing professionally for over thirty years. After graduating from Ryerson University with a photography degree and student loans at 21 percent, he discovered that studios were going out of business. His first photography job was at a huge studio in Toronto, producing flyers for Sears, Eatons, Canadian Tire, Clinique, and others.

David then worked as a corporate photographer for an international insurance company. These two key learning opportunities led to the creation of David McCammon Photography, a business he runs with his wife Julia. Their studio became well known for wedding and portrait photography throughout the region. David photographed products, food, staff, and stores for Zehrs Markets for over fifteen years. He has developed enduring relationships while photographing for numerous businesses and corporations.

The McCammons built a home studio on a five-acre property in Kitchener, Ontario, and first went digital in 1998. David has taught at several Ontario colleges, including Introductory Photography, Studio Product and Portrait Photography, Photoshop, and the History of Photography. He has exhibited and sold his art and landscape photography in Quebec and Ontario. David McCammon Photography has been a great success in Waterloo Region for over twenty-five years.

Learn from David’s unique perspective, gained from over thirty years of work in the photography industry. David has successfully photographed family portraits, weddings, a huge array of products, food, annual reports, and events. His work has taken him across Canada, into the United States, down mines, and onto fishing boats. 

He has photographed simple cans of Coke to fully prepared meals. He has worked with magazines to produce gorgeous covers and inside spreads. David has enjoyed collaborating with illustrators, designers, writers, small business owners, and large corporations. David is passionate about photography and believes in ongoing photography business opportunities.

About the Book

Are you struggling with the idea of going pro in the field of photography?

When starting out as photographers, creatives, we’re often insecure about charging for our services. In doing what we love, we can lose sight of our value as photographers, but David McCammon is here to tell you that you can do it! With a commitment of time and energy, you can develop a successful professional photography business.

David draws on his extensive photographic knowledge and thirty years of experience in the industry to offer personal and business insights that will help you create your own successful career. Start building your confidence and profit from the rich value of professional photography.


Learn How To...

Succeed in professional photography, no longer struggle with pricing for your work, and discover enduring tools to drive your photography business to new heights.business to new heights

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

Learn from David’s broad experience and knowledge in the business of photography. Explore your potential through Image Power.

  • Get paid for what you love to do.
  • Move through your fears.
  • Know technology and what works best for you.
  • Connect with your subjects.
  • Learn why relationships are huge.
  • Discover the art of details.
  • Create value around the experience.
  • Charge with confidence.
  • Work well with well-known leaders.
  • Keep it fresh.
  • Value yourself and your talent.
  • Balancing your career and personal life.


“Professional photography is about experience, and not just about taking a picture of a client and you are done for the day. It is about creating an experience between the client and photographer. David McCammon nailed it! I was taken to that day when I had my best photo shoot done.”

Dr. José Cross, author of Business Is Booming


“Reading Image Power has reconnected me to the interest and excitement I found in the photography class I took as a Senior in High School. In that class, I found my interest in discovery of the visual and sharing it. Photography has been and is still is a major way I share my visual discoveries. McCammon helps you grasp; not only the concept of photography as a business; but also, of the business of photography. It is a must read if you are interested in exploring being a professional photographer. It is also just a fun read.”

J. Michael Cavitt, author of The "R” Effect


“While reading this book, I was blown away by how the author wrote about what goes on inside the mind of a passionate photographer. It was as if I was reading a love letter to a photo, as written by a photographer. Awesome job, David!”

George Bragadireanu, author of The Leadership Spark


“What if you could turn your passion into a profession, wouldn't you agree that it would be the best job ever? Image Power gives details on why your love for photography can turn into something that will set you apart from other photographers.”

Jack H. M. Wong, author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code


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