Deb Arbeeny

Deb Arbeeny is an author, speaker, integrative life coach and certified change practitioner. With more than 16 years’ experience helping clients successfully change, transform and reach their goals, Deb understands that even a small change can seem overwhelming.  Over the years, Deb began to notice a common theme with her female clients when it came to making a change - each had a ‘story’, an excuse for why they weren’t living their fullest as well as common attributes that were guiding their decisions.

These women became complacent, accepting that this was the life they were handed even though they weren’t fulfilled. As a woman herself, Deb had her ‘story’ too. She has experienced first-hand the unique pressures women face throughout their life journey; from societal pressures to getting married and raising a family, to professional pressures for equality in the workplace, to personal pressures to fit in and look a certain way. She overcame bullying and the discouragement when decisions or life events didn’t work out as planned. 

It wasn’t until she looked within herself, acknowledged and then gave up her ‘story’ and listened to her instincts, she found her passion in helping others. Ultimately, she realized that your true calling lies within, not from where you live, who you share your life with or what others pressure you to be.

About the Book

What happened? You’ve been so busy trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations that the plan you had for yourself took a back seat. Maybe it was derailed by a surprising, life-changing event; or just maybe you never even made a plan, to begin with. Then one day you look in the mirror and wonder: How did I end up here? Why did this happen to me? What else is there for me? Is it too late to make a change? If you’re a woman, this may sound all too familiar. As a modern-day woman, Deb Arbeeny recognizes the pressures women face in their personal and professional lives and how reactions to those pressures influence one’s path in life.

In Destiny Do-Over, Deb shares her strategy for how she overcame those pressures as well as helped others to do the same. Based on her proven, self-empowerment program, A.C.T., Destiny Do-Over offers an easy-to-follow formula for recognizing what you want, letting go of what no longer serves you and ultimately rewriting your destiny.

It’s not too late. It’s time to get out of the passenger seat of your own life, get behind the wheel and discover the amazing life you were meant to live. No more excuses. No more delays. No more regrets. Now is the time to make the change. Your destiny is waiting!


Learn How To…

  • Finally unlock your passion, creativity, and confidence empowering you to.
  • Believe that all of your goals are within your reach.
  • Identify and overcome any obstacles standing in your way.
  • Bring balance to key areas of your life.
  • Accelerate results through small, achievable action steps.
  • Re-shape any or every part of your life’s journey.
  • Be happy, be fulfilled, be your true self.


In These Pages You Will Uncover...

Discover tools that can empower you to achieve everything you want out of life, regardless of where you are today—YES you can get there from here.

  • Give yourself permission to get in the driver’s seat of your life– Say Yes to YOU!
  • Identify and embrace your true passions and purpose.
  • Acknowledge and let go of your ‘story.’
  • Restore balance to key areas of your life.
  • Remove interference and overcome obstacles, letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Find the right support system and reinforcements in your life.
  • Prepare your mind to deal with life’s curve balls.
  • Reach your goals through inspired (and achievable) action steps.
  • Appreciate and celebrate your milestones.
  • Start living the life you want to live!
  • Plus a bonus section: Understanding the ‘female factor’ - a reflection on how many women think, act and assimilate information differently than men, and why that’s important in navigating your journey.


"A brave take at becoming your best self, Destiny Do-Over teaches women how to reclaim their innate power and take charge of their own path and destination. It’s about saying yes to you and taking action toward transformation.”

Mary Hart, author of Tough Lessons


“What a legacy Deb Arbeeny is making! I love how she challenges us to make it mandatory to pursue what we truly want and stop making excuses. When you pick up this book, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and into a world of opportunities.”

Winnie Chin, author of This Ability, NOT Disability


“Destiny Do-Over has a powerful message for all women. Be unapologetic, confident, and extraordinary; be the master of your own destiny!”

Anastasia Button, author of #NewJobNewLife


“This book’s definition of LIFE will have you reassessing where you are, where you should be, and what to do to get there. Five stars!!!”

Rod Smith, author of The Rod Effect



“There are two major things you can learn from this book: how to become the star of your own show (your life) and how to channel your inner b*tch (your intuition). What are you waiting for?”

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, author of Unstoppable You


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