Deborah Stathis

Deborah Stathis is an enlightened and influential Author, Speaker and Coach dedicated to empowering people to move beyond stress and trauma.

Having achieved personal and professional success against the odds, Deborah shares her story and methods to inspire and coach others to transform their life personally and professionally. Following a near-fatal car accident, having sustained devastating injuries, Deborah beat all the medical odds and went on to create an enriched, happy life.

From the day she unexpectedly woke up in Intensive Care, Deborah refused to be labeled or consider herself a victim. The same determination behind her hospital escape attempt while holding her IV drips and wearing nothing but her gown, also saw her return to work that same year. With tenacity and dedication to research and education, Deborah created methods and processes and adopted various therapies to establish an enriched life after trauma. She has accomplished many achievements including establishing a successful career and completing numerous qualifications. She is also a happy wife and mother of two young girls.

With a strong professional background in corporate training, business and sales, Deborah has dedicated years to developing her skills and building her coaching practice, Tragic Opportunities. She has multiple qualifications in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching practices, Management and Training and Assessment.

She is also Certified in world-leading Accelerated-Learning Techniques and is an experienced Professional Education Consultant.

Deborah expands on her methods which saw her triumph against the odds and combines her skills in professional and business development to coach and inspire with her seminars, workshops and programs designed for women, individuals and businesses.Deborah also shares her methods and story to support and inspire individuals with post injury trauma.Offering a unique and empowering philosophy that tragedy can be turned into an opportunity, with deep empathy, Deborah focuses on re-framing the negatives, shifting away from the victim mindset and identifying the lessons within trauma.

Having proved opportunities can be created from tragedy, Deborah shares her Tragic Opportunities Process and Revival Plan Formula to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

About the Book

How can trauma be turned into empowering opportunities? How can this philosophy be embraced and applied to create an enriched life beyond trauma? In Beyond Trauma, Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity, Deborah Stathis presents a unique and empowering view of trauma, complete with the tools she applied to successfully build an enriched life after severe physical injury and suffering. With a passion to help others, Deborah boldly and courageously shares her personal story to demonstrate how she applied specific methods and processes to move beyond trauma and create opportunities from tragedy.

Deborah’s process for creating a Tragic Opportunity and her Revival Plan Formula can be applied by individuals and drawn on by caretakers. Her methods empower others to move beyond trauma and live happily and individualistically by consciously constructing a positive future. Including contributions by leading medical practitioners and therapists, Beyond Trauma provides enlightening and practical processes and also features a collection of therapy options that work.

Learn How To...

Identify and create opportunities from trauma by uncovering the lesson and using that knowledge to improve yourself and create an enriched life.

Finally break free from the negative cycle of trauma and gain the confidence to create a happy fulfilled future. Learn belief and behavior-based methods to empower you to create an enriched life following trauma and physical injury.

Be inspired by Deborah’s story and apply her methods to transform your life personally and professionally. Discover the power of the Tragic Opportunities Process and the Revival Plan Formula.

Uncover in These Pages...

  • You will discover how to turn your tragedy into an opportunity and design a fulfilled, happy life beyond trauma. The powerful methods along with practical processes empower you to change your perspective, harness the power of choice, and direct your focus to create an enriched life.
  • Discover how to identify the lessons in trauma.Use the knowledge gained to better yourself and improve your life.
  • Harness the power of perspective, focus, and choice to identify and create opportunities from trauma.
  • Learn how to positively manage your emotions and behavior by understanding your beliefs, triggers and the effects of pain.
  • Break free from the Victim Mindset. Use tools tore-frame the negatives and shift away from the victim mentality.
  • Create a life beyond trauma by deciding how you want to ‘be, live and feel' and establish an Action Plan to achieve it.
  • Embrace change. Acknowledge, evaluate and learn to work with changes that come with injury and trauma.
  • Take steps to build confidence with your physical self and injuries.
  • Understand the impact on relationships and how to improve communication, connect with others and strengthen relationships.
  • Understand the importance of your personal support team and establish how they can help you achieve your goals.
  • Create a healthy life and improve physical, mental and emotional well-being with formal rehabilitation, personal healing and therapy options.
  • Design a happy and fulfilled life beyond trauma.Recognize what you want for your life, identify your options, set goals and create and execute an action plan.


“Create Triumphs in your life with this book! Deborah does a fantastic job at opening her readers’ eyes to see the lesson and reason behind things that happen. Join her as she invites you to draw strength from trauma and turn negative experiences into something amazing.”

Virginia Phillips, author of Yes, You Can!


“This book not only sheds a positive light on bad situations—it also provides the therapy we may need before even realizing we need it. Identify the things that are stopping you from living fully and break free from the negative cycle of trauma and actually LIVE.”

Sherry Brantley, author of STEPP (Start To Exercise Personal Power)


“We are not defined by what happens to us. We are defined by how we react to or handle circumstances that may come our way. Take a page from Deborah’s book and embrace change and take the necessary steps to empower yourself to be who you have always wanted to be.”

Elizabeth Rentz, author of Reinvent


“Don’t let injury or trauma stop you from succeeding in building a rich life. Take it from Deborah who rose from her own tragic experiences and cultivated the pain and suffering to create meaningful opportunities. Congratulations, Deborah!”

Leila Khan, author of 101+ Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles!


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