Derrick Ruiz

Derrick Ruiz is a thirty-year veteran of the Los Angeles real estate industry and has done hundreds and hundreds of transactions in all types of real estate. He was an early adopter of technology, going back to the first days of personal computing and the Internet.Derrick’s extensive real estate background, combined with his study of personal growth and a passion for technology, gives him a unique perspective which he shares with fellow agents in his new book, Cloud Agent.

About the Book

Are you ever worried that you may be falling behind on technology? Do you feel you operate your real estate business from a position of weakness or a posture of strength and confidence? Could you use a refresher on how to be a more powerful agent?

Cloud Agent: How Real Estate Agents Can Combine Cloud Technology with a Powerful Mindset to Produce Extraordinary Results will lay out the basic cloud technologies and strategies you should be adopting. You may pick and choose the tools that make sense to you, or decide to become a completely paperless cloud agent.

Author Derrick Ruiz tackles a problem that almost every agent has faced: How to cultivate a powerful mindset in order to deal with the ups and downs of real estate.Because what good is all this technology if you’re operating from fear and scarcity? By combining today’s cloud technologies with a powerful mindset and clear, focused thinking, you’ll be able to take your career to a higher level than you ever thought possible.

Learn How...

  • Learn to cut costs by using free web apps instead of buying expensive software
  • Find the right niche and why it pays more to be a specialist rather than a generalist
  • Discover simple cloud strategies to more efficiently run your business
  • Find out how to anticipate obstacles and use them as a tool for personal growth
  • Take the first steps to becoming a paper-free agent
  • Create scripts and dialogues that provide results
  • Drastically cut down on stress with the use of simple cloud strategies
  • Use free, popular social media platforms to build and engage an audience
  • Work remotely from home, poolside at a hotel, or on an island in the middle of an ocean
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and never use words or thoughts that disempower you
  • Quickly read one new personal development book a week
  • Avoid one of the biggest mistake agents make
  • Discover simple cloud based tools that will ramp up your efficiency
  • Learn to use prelims as a dynamite marketing tool

Uncover in These Pages...

  • How top agents generate massive leads using cloud technologies
  • How to train your mind to focus on the most important tasks
  • The best books, websites, and podcast recommendations for personal growth
  • How to keep more money in your pocket by working in the cloud
  • Why you should work daily on your mindset
  • The best sales training program I have ever used
  • How to easily keep up-to-date with cloud technology tools and strategies
  • Why working in the cloud will free up additional hours in your week
  • The personal growth practices of the successful and powerful
  • How to properly react to negative situations when they arise
  • How a strong mindset, focus, and perseverance will make you unbeatable
  • Why working in the cloud creates a better experience for your clients
  • Why ideas are more important than money
  • The importance of reading one personal growth book a week
  • Level up your real estate practice and power up your mindset for greater success with the Cloud Agent.
  • Learn to be more efficient and to cut costs
  • Train your mind for success
  • Find ways to save money
  • Create a better client experience
  • Stay current with technology
  • Take control of your life
  • Go paperless!
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Discover valuable information for cloud agents
  • And find out how to work wherever you are

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