Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner

Who is Dr. Andrea E?

She’s a loving wife, and mother of two fantastic girls. She’s dedicated to her family but driven by the desire to help others live life. When Dr. Andrea isn’t at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family. They love biking, hiking and exploring all that Calgary has to offer. Her sister and her father also call Calgary home, and reconnecting with family was a big part of the decision to move back to Canada.

Born and raised in Montreal, Dr. Andrea completed a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy at Concordia University in Montreal, before attending Life University in Atlanta, GA where she graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Master’s Degree in Sport Health Science.

Dr. Andrea has been in practice for over 18 years––14 of which were spent in Maryland after moving to the USA for Chiropractic studies, and 4 since she moved to Canada in 2014. She is happy to bring all her experience and knowledge HOME to Canada and she has fully embraced the Calgary Community.

NO NECK or BACK CRACKING is needed!!! Her technique is focused on light force Chiropractic such as Activator, Torque Release Techniques. Her specialization is computer-aided adjustment, using the Sigma Pro-Aligner to provide the most technologically advanced care in Chiropractic today.

Dr. Andrea sees patients of all ages, and her technique is highly sought after by patients that find traditional Chiropractic treatments either too forceful or inappropriate for their medical conditions. As a result, she has extensive experience helping seniors fulfill their wellness goals so that they can continue to enjoy life with their family and friends.

Total wellness is not about one single solution. Dr. Andrea focuses on the 5 points to wellness in her practice to help you understand how small changes and simple concepts can drastically affect your overall health.

Dr. Andrea has focused her practice on wellness and the science behind anti-aging. Aside from writing several articles on health and age-related topics, she has been a keynote speaker for a number of holistic health groups in Maryland; including women centric groups, childbirth education centers, and several other organizations focused on mothers-to-be. She continues to stay current within her field by regularly attending post-graduate seminars in functional medicine, nutrition, postural assessment and maternity.

About the Book

Growing older can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Wouldn’t it be great to embrace your aging and celebrate every single breath you take? As the saying goes – Let’s make the rest of your life – the BEST of your life.

Dr. Andrea has developed the 5 steps to slowing down the aging process and regaining your health and happiness.

These 5 simple steps are based on her 18 years in practice where she has helped and healed: professionals, housewives, busy executives and retirees through implementing these proven principles.

You will have the tips, the tools, and the step-by-step plan to restore your vibrancy and joy while leaving a lasting, positive impact that will enhance every area of your daily life.

Learn How…

You can finally look and feel younger! Dr. Andrea will gracefully guide you on a path to slow down your aging by addressing each component of your lifestyle so you can bring joy, hope and possibilities into your future.

Uncover in These Pages…

A unique and proven program to DITCH YOUR DIETS and YOUR DRUGS so you can REGAIN OPTIMUM HEALTH. Our program has benefited thousands of people so far. Now, it’s YOUR turn.

  • Eliminate counterproductive lifestyle choices and habits.
  • Give up on the gimmicks.
  • Don’t fall for empty promises.
  • Lose weight.
  • Diminish aches and pains.
  • Ward off aging and disease.
  • Gain maximum energy and vitality.
  • Attain optimum health.
  • Boost self confidence.
  • Maximize your healthy choices.
  • Change your thinking and you will change your health.
  • Discover what foods actually make you healthier and younger.
  • Know what supplements have a direct impact on longevity.
  • Tune in to the spine brain connection, and learn how to optimize the function of your central nervous system - the command centre of your entire body.
  • Have more hope, energy and zest for life.
  • Take ownership of your own health and future.
  • Feel and look healthier than you ever imagined possible.
  • Likely reduce or stop many of your medications.

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