Dr. Isabel Arnaiz


Dr. Isabel Arnaiz has an extensive academic background of over fifteen years researching, course coordinating, marking, setting off exams and assessments, tutoring, demonstrating and lecturing at the University of Sydney. She played a significant role in the development of the current coursework in the bachelor of medical science and bachelor of science physiology units of study. This has made her well aware of the requirements students face during academic life, as well as the types of questions and assessments used to determine student achievement.

Dr. Arnaiz completed a bachelor of science degree, with first-class honours, at the University of Sydney in 2000. She then completed a Ph.D. in physiology in 2006. Dr. Arnaiz worked as a demonstrator and, at times, as a tutor for the University of Sydney. It was during this exposure that she realised how passionate she is about helping individuals reach their highest academic achievements. Upon completion of her Ph.D., she was employed as a tutor. A short time later, she became a teaching-focused lecturer for the University of Sydney.

Dr. Isabel Arnaiz, in conjunction with other colleagues, was responsible for the design and implementation of various innovative blended learning pedagogies at the University of Sydney, and she has received various learning and teaching grants.

In November of 2015, Dr. Isabel Arnaiz and colleagues were awarded an Academic Excellence team award for their support of the student experience at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. The award was given for their introduction of a blended learning program for practical classes in the bachelor of medical sciences intermediate physiology. She is known for her ability to connect with students and easily explain difficult concepts.

About the Book

Are you feeling hopeless, no matter what you do, you can't lose weight?

Do you struggle counting calories? Would you like to lose weight without feeling hungry?

Are you confused with all the weight-loss programs out there?

Are you sick of restricting whole food groups, restricting food intake, and being hungry all the time?

Then this book can help you.

This book provides practical and research-based methods that help you make significant changes to your weight and your health. It will show you how you can take small simple steps based on physiology to reduce weight, long term. The book will help you understand how the body works to empower you in making the right lifestyle choices. No longer will you be fooled by crazy weight-loss schemes.


You will learn how to release weight in a manner that is compassionate, without hunger, without painful calorie counting, and without drawn-out menu planning so you can have the fulfilling life you deserve. Once again, you will be able to enjoy eating food without worrying about how it affects your weight.

Dr. Isabel Arnaiz is passionate about human physiology (how the body works) and would like to share her knowledge with you so you can make significant changes to your lifestyle.

Learn How...

Learn how to break the cycle of bad lifestyle choices, shaming yourself, feeling embarrassed, and following quick weight-loss schemes. You will see the power of the easy-to-follow principles by award-winning, Dr. Isabel Arnaiz, in her extended literature research that also talks about becoming successful at losing weight in a kind and self-loving manner. With this powerful system, you can break free from your limiting beliefs and change the habits that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Uncover in These Pages...

This book will empower you to make the right lifestyle choices and help you release weight compassionately to live a healthier and better life.

  • You will learn the physiology behind each weight releasing step.
  • Achieving a healthy weight will add to your happiness and fulfillment in life.
  • You will learn the right mindset for releasing weight.
  • You will learn how the body works empowering you to make better choices.
  • You will never again fall victim to quick weight loss schemes because you will understand how the body functions.
  • You will no longer blame weight-gain on your lack of will.
  • You will appreciate the complexity of weight regulation and hunger.
  • You will learn how to release weight without effort and without counting calories.
  • Stop following extreme weight-loss programs and instead release and maintain weight compassionately.

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