Dr. Matthew Horkey

With 1500 dollars in his pocket and 200,000 dollars of student debt, Dr Horkey set out on a journey that would be enthralling, heartbreaking and ultimately led him to immense success, wealth, and happiness. In just five years, he would go from living with only 50 dollars, to getting kicked out of a country, losing everything twice, and generating millions of dollars.

In June 2009, Matthew Horkey walked across the graduation stage obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Atlanta, Georgia. The very next day, with tears in his eyes, he kissed his family goodbye as he hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket, one bag, and a heart full of dreams.

His first stop took him to India, where he was leading a group of young chiropractors from four different countries to serve the needy. After successfully leading that project over three grueling weeks, he went on a two-month solo adventure through India. Those few months would lead him to becoming a “Bollywood” actor, a houseboat bum in the disputed border of India/Pakistan, and meditating with monks in “Little Tibet”.

The next three months would see him at one point trying to skimp by as his funds exhausted to only 50 dollars, to living the hedonistic life in Thailand, picking up hitch hikers and surviving blizzards in New Zealand, and finally ending up in Singapore.

It was in Singapore where Dr Horkey was expected to grow a huge chiropractic practice, helping people realize their natural inborn potential for health. Teaming up with the largest Chiropractic group in Asia, he opted to spearhead a project to help start clinics in underserved Indonesia. After getting things off the ground and falling in love with the people of Indonesia, paperwork issues led to his deportation from the country he was beginning to love and call home.

Forced to leave everything behind once again, he boarded a plane to Singapore feeling defeated and broken. His funds dried up again to nearly zero and he contemplated giving up on his dream. Dr Horkey started anew and six months later, built up one of the largest chiropractic practices in Asia. Fast forward four years and he has helped thousands regain their inborn healing abilities and has generated millions of dollars in the process.

Today, Dr Matthew Horkey is an author, speaker, and adventurer who is dedicated to helping people realize their potential. He’s passionate about storytelling as a tool to enable personal transformation by helping people becoming aware of the hidden obstacles in their lives. Travel Learn Earn is his first book. Part travel memoir, part instructional guide, he aims to teach and inspire people through the natural laws of the universe. Travel compounds these laws, guiding people to massive breakthroughs in their wealth and freedom.

About the Book

Why are so many people frustrated with their lives?

Why in today’s world, where we have more communication tools at our fingertips than at any time in human history, are we more disconnected than we have ever been?

What is it that keeps people from living life on their terms?

Is it possible to flourish while living life on your own terms?

In Travel Learn Earn you will see how living a life of adventure, abundance and possibility is attainable. You will follow Dr Matthew Horkey on a phenomenal journey of discovery of not only the world, but the obstacles in our mind that so often block our way.

In this powerful book, he takes the lessons from his journey and translates them into practical tools and tips that you can take on so YOU too can achieve abundance and freedom in your life immediately.

Learn How...

  • Travel is not only a great form of recreation, but the best investment you can make.
  • Translate your travel experiences into breakthroughs that can lead to massive returns.
  • View travel in a whole new light.
  • Understand yourself and your relationship with the larger world.

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

In 2009, Dr Matthew Horkey left his home with little cash, a load of debt, adventure in his heart and a seemingly impossible dream. After a six-month solo trip around the world, he lost everything twice and was blacklisted from a country. Despite this, in a few years he rebounded to generate millions of dollars running one of the largest chiropractic practices in Asia. Through this book, he shares the lessons learned from those experiences.

Use travel as a way to more abundance and freedom!

  • The reason behind mankind’s fascination with travel.
  • Listening to that voice inside you.
  • Enabling setbacks to serve you.
  • The ultimate principle in effective communication.
  • Becoming someone new and real.
  • Seeing both sides of the coin in all situations.
  • The source of all our power, health, wealth, and happiness.
  • The most powerful feeling in the universe.
  • Breaking through to new levels of success.
  • Dealing with new territory once you’ve attained it.


"Travel Learn Earn: Let The World Be Your Guide To Freedom isn’t about running off on a world tour and just escaping all of life’s responsibilities. It’s about how you can take your travel experiences, infuse them with key life distinctions, thus leading to a life of riches and freedom. Read it if you want to explore not only the world, but the things that are holding you back from living life that YOU truly want."

Guy Bowden, author of Gain Without Pain!


"Part how-to guide, part enthralling memoir. Reading it will take you on a ride that is not soon to be forgotten. Most people take short trips or holidays to relax and enjoy the view, soon to be forgotten once the real world kicks back in. Travel Learn Earn is remarkable in the fact that it shows how travel can not only shape who you are, but can lead you to a fortune in the process."

David and Tammy Stanley, author of FREEDOM= (TIME+MONEY)2


"A must-read for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust, not only of the world, but also the mind."

Stanley Beckett, author of LIFTOFF


"This book will captivate, touch, and inspire those who have a dream that has just been waiting to be unleashed. Read it and live a life of freedom and adventure."

Petronilla Muriuki Musau, author of Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!


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