Dr. Nora Anniesha

Dr. Nora Anniesha is an author, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, university lecturer, and a journal editor and reviewer. Her formal education spans two countries, Singapore and Hong Kong. Graduating with a PhD and Master in Applied Linguistics at the Hong Kong University mentored by two top experts in the language education field, Emeritus Professor David Nunan and Professor Phil Benson, she pursues her passion in teaching, facilitating and mentoring.

This book has its foundation in Dr. Nora Anniesha’s own experiences as well as the experiences of the many friends she has worked with - children, parents, tutors, and teachers. She was the average child whose love of English and reading began with daily fifteen-minute walks from her home to the Queenstown public library in Singapore. Though she read widely, somehow, she struggled with the demands of school and academic success. Her early failures led her to reflecting what she had been missing during her school days to succeed- EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES. Listening to the same issues in conversations with the people she has worked with led Dr. Nora Anniesha to producing this book - one of the books in her upcoming series.

Focused on empowering anyone interested in education especially in English language, Dr. Nora Anniesha spends her days working with families, institutions, organizations, companies and governments and has established herself as the leading authority in getting her students successfully ahead in achieving their academic and professional goals.

In Singapore, she has trained teachers, parents, student volunteers and students from various schools. A mentor and facilitator, Dr. Nora Anniesha serves as a great influence to her students, some who are now in various institutions all over the world such as the University of Oxford, Tonbridge School, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, University of California Berkeley and Rhode Island School of Design.

This book is a culmination of strategies pertaining to reading comprehension which she has shared with an extensive range of students from the six-year olds to the sixty-fives, and which have made a tremendous impact on their learning.

Dr. Nora Anniesha believes that her book will empower you to teach your children simple, doable and effective strategies to get them to succeed in reading comprehension.

About the Book

Can I really teach my child reading comprehension when I’m not an English teacher or an expert?

What is reading comprehension and how do I teach it? Isn’t there an easier way to get my child to comprehend?

Why isn’t my child scoring in reading comprehension even after trying everything? Why is it always the same results - not better?

What can I do to stop my child from panicking or giving up in reading comprehension tests or exams?

The Reading Comprehension Guru: 15 Surefire Strategies to Get Your Child to the Top of the Class book empowers you to empower your child to get to the top of the class in reading comprehension using SIMPLE, DOABLE and EFFECTIVE strategies.

Learn How...

To empower yourself to empower your child in reading comprehension.

To use 15 surefire strategies to tackle different text types, different questions posed, and reading comprehension tests and exams.

To work the strategies on your child.

To get your child to teach you and others the strategies.

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

and realize before even getting to the how’s in this book that YOU are the best person that can really help your child get to the top of the class in reading comprehension.

  • 15 simple, doable and effective strategies to help your child tackle different text types, different questions posed,and reading comprehension tests and exams to be The Reading Comprehension Guru.
    1. Skimming
    2. Scanning
    3. Spotting the Text Type and Chunking the Text
    4. Finding the Answer by Knowing the Question 
    5. Finding It in the Text (For Literal Questions)
    6. Inferring, Inferring, Inferring (For Inferential Questions)

a. Spotting Pronouns and Knowing What They Stand For

b. Asking Questions

c. Finding the Connecting Idea

d. Identifying and Solving What’s Inconsistent in Texts

7. Using Context Clues (For Inferential and Vocabulary Questions)

8. Summarizing (For Reorganisation/Synthesis and Summary Questions)

9. Paraphrasing (For All Questions)

10. Knowing What the Customers Want and Giving It to Them

11. Knowing the Test Back and Forth

12. Taking Deep Breaths, Focusing and Reading

13. Writing Good Answers Simply

14. Picturing Texts

15. Predicting Texts

  • Benefits of the strategies, when to use the strategies,and how to apply the strategies.


"The Reading Comprehension Guru is not about just getting children to score A’s and getting them to the top of the class. It is about getting children to build the mindset to successfully work and connect with texts, to know what texts are like, and getting them to make sense of what they are reading, and making what they are learning last. Read it if you want to totally change your child’s approach to reading comprehension texts."

Dr. Matthew Horkey, author of Travel Learn Earn


"This book of strategies and how-to’s for reading comprehension simply work. My child and I are amazed at how much we have learnt to become critical and successful readers. We are looking at texts in so many new ways than ever before."

Anm Pek, author of The Secret Code : Is It For Real?


"As a parent, this is the book I have been waiting for. I knew there should be a simpler way to get children to comprehend texts effectively. This book will place every parent into a position of authority on reading comprehension."

Jack H.M. Wong, author of Cracking The Entrepreneur Code


"The fact that this book uses workable strategies to break down a large task of reading and comprehending texts successfully is a winner. Use the strategies and discover your child’s true potential in reading comprehension."

Foo Chee Fong, author of Why My Score Is Better Than Yours 


"If you’re serious about your child producing good results in reading comprehension, this book is a must-read. The strategies are doable, effective and transferable."

Tianyi Lim, author of Appsolutely


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