Edith Tay

Edith is the Executive Director of PropertyBank Pte Ltd, an award-winning real estate brokerage and advisory company in Singapore. She has more than 20 years of experience in real estate. She started her real estate career with an international property company and was intrigued with Canary Wharf’s early days. She then moved to SembCorp, an infrastructural company with industrial parks in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Working with Knight Frank and DTZ has imbued in her a strong and substantial foundation in Singapore’s commercial real estate. She has serviced both occupiers and investors, many of whom continue to engage her for negotiations of subsequent premises and projects.

What sets Edith apart is her commercial real estate experience that spans across various sectors. Her understanding of the business requirements in Tech, Big Data, Digital Media, Education, Healthcare and Clean Energy sectors helped her contribute to these companies’ relocation and expansion decisions.

She is passionate about sharing the lessons she has learned with anyone who could benefit from hearing her clients’ challenges and successes. This passion fuels her dedication to find time to write and train. The articles she has contributed to business and real estate magazines were centered around helping businesses realize the impact of properties on their businesses. She is also a certified trainer providing certificate and CPD (continuing professional development) courses at approved training organizations.

About the Book

Property Blueprint for Businesses is a book for Finance Managers, Human Resource Managers, Administration Managers or Business Owners, who are tasked to find commercial properties. If you are planning your next office, commercial school, clinic, restaurant and you need help, then this is the book that will guide you on your business journey - whether you are making acquisition (rent/purchase) or disposal (sublease/sale) decisions.

The truth of the matter is, most companies fail to plan their real estate. In fact, properties are not amongst the priorities business owners have in mind. Their customers, business operation, marketing strategies or staff come first – but they often don’t realise that property can form part of their overall business strategy.

Successful companies monetize their commercial real estate. They believe that monetizing is not all about the ability to make money but also the ability to save. These companies’ emphasis on properties creates success in the long run.

Learn How...

Property Blueprint for Businesses shows you that property has a role to play in your business. It shares relevant cases of companies which have gone through their business journey with a property strategy. You’ll also learn the impact of business life cycles and business cycles.

Additionally, this book teaches you how to put together your thoughts as you design your property blueprint. It will help you put in place a monetization process as you review your business properties. Ultimately, you’ll learn that you need an ecosystem of experts to put your act together to succeed in business.

Uncover in These Pages…

Do businesses still need properties?

What roles does property play in your business?

What do successful companies have in common when it comes to their property strategies?

Do you know which stage of business life cycle you are in?

What are the changing business needs that affect your real estate?

Do you have a future-proof property plan to survive the ever-changing business cycles?

What is the secret formula to design a property blueprint?

How can you put in place your property blueprint?

How can you monetize your commercial real estate during the ups and downs of your business?

Who do you put together as a team to execute your real estate plan?

What do you see in the future of workplaces?

What are the opportunities ahead?

You need a Business Real Estate Partner along your business journey. Property Blueprint for Businesses can accompany you on your journey to discover real estate’s relevance to your business. You will find this book a timeless gift and you can refer to it time after time as you make each property decision.

Property Blueprint for Businesses guides you to:

  • Recognize and appreciate that property has a role to play in business
  • Understand that successful companies take control using a property strategy
  • Comprehend the impact of business life cycle stages on your property decisions
  • Make plans for your changing business needs
  • Discover the ingredients to design a property blueprint
  • Know that you have a peer and must have a PEER process
  • Think about monetizing your commercial properties
  • Get your act together on business real estate
  • Envision the future of workplaces

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