Emma Soy

Emma Soy is a nurse, a speaker at Christian women events and the founder of Women Seeking the Father Ministry. She is an ordained minister and has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University Seminary. Emma and her husband have been married for 22 years and have two sons. Her life mission is to help people to get to know God deeper, to love Him dearly and to draw nearer to His heart.


About the Book

Learn How To...

... To take control of your finances, live a debt free life, and get a complete internal and external beauty makeover!The P31 Workshop is written for the Christian woman. Author and Speaker Emma Soy gives a clear perspective of the life of the Proverb 31 woman, bringing a focus to her health, wealth an d b e aut y.This book will help women to learn to eat better, maintain a healthy weight and to take preventative measures against the three causes of death among women.

Uncover in These Pages...

...The woman in Proverb 31 who has been described as a virtuous, capable, strong, skillful woman was also a woman who took care of herself, her health, her internal and external beauty and who did not live a life of lack, and poverty. Christian women will learn various to take control of her health, wealth and beauty and to become a woman of valor as described in Proverbs 31.

Women of God Be all that God created you be, healthy, wealthy and beautiful.

  • Women health, Wealth and Beauty according to the Proverb 31 Woman
  • Ladies, take control of your health, it is your best asset
  • The 3 leading cause of death among women are preventable
  • You are what you eat, so eat your way to good health
  • You don’t need those excess pounds, jut get rid of them
  • Live out the abundant life that God wants for you
  • Debt free living, the only way to live
  • You were created to be beautiful
  • Live a gorgeous, luxurious life on a budget
  • Move forward and leave your past behind you


"I saw you at our women’s brunch - NWAOG in Mount Prospects a few months back!! You really spoke to my heart; I then wanted to follow you on Facebook!!Last Saturday was amazing. You have such an amazing anointing. Loved having you back at northwest. I love your preaching. Your church is so lucky and blessed to have you. I hope they realize that. I was looking for you after... I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your words. Exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I needed. Amen! Keep up the good work. Be blessed today."

Your friend,



"I have been blessed to have heard Pastor Emma’s sermon.I love the details and the teaching style of her preaching.The messages that she delivers to the congregation are so easy to relate to and to understand. One of the most recent message I remember is the one about marriage. I love how she explained, step by step, the stages of married life and what the Bible says about it. As a newlywed, I learned a lot from that message and I intend to use it daily in my relationship with my husband. I thank God for her ministry and pray that the Lord will continue to empower her to excel in her ministry."

Yardley Theodore



"I saw you speak a NWAOG in Mount Prospect during our ladies brunch! For me, the greatest impact and encouragement has been; as a woman, to be a God fearing spiritual woman! I was very impressed that you are the pastor of your church, that opened my eyes to the fact thatas women, there is nothing that we cannot do!!! I really loved the way you ‘say it as it is’!!!"

Ramona, Bobi Damian


"I think you are blessed with the gift to minister to others. I always feel moved by your sermons. Your annual women conference is like a spiritual renewal for me. It gets me ready for the coming year, fountains of biblical insights, wisdom and plenty to pull from when I am discouraged, loosing hope, disappointed, feeling like no one understands me or simply needs wisdom from God. With topic like faith as a mustard seed, jar of clay in the father’s hand, for such time as this, just to name a few. God has used you each time to get through to the deepest part of my heart. When my daughter was born prematurely and I couldn’t understand why God would allow me to go through something so painful, you told me that God is sovereign, you prayed for me and you were there for me."

Nathalie Bertrand



"I heard Emma speak about her burning desire to establish a relationship with her earthly father only to be rejected.It was at her lowest point that God began to speak words of comfort to her. She has a Heavenly Father who will never reject her. In fact, He loved her with an everlasting love and would always be there. The words she spoke impressed upon my heart that although my father had passed some years ago, I was not fatherless. There is a Heavenly Father who will ALWAYS be with me regardless of my life circumstances. Praise God, I am never alone."

Angie Alexander


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