Eric Billman and Sandra Page Billman

Early in his fundraising career, Eric’s mentor shared the concepts of “Donor Bliss” and “Culture of Philanthropy” to illustrate a sustainable approach to raising funds. By focusing on a donor’s interests and finding where his or her passions intersect with an institution’s priorities, the donor is engaged and the institution benefits. Eric promotes the idea of helping donors feel valued as partners and not merely a source of funding.

Over the course of his 30-year career in relationship management, Eric has worked in the non-profit world as a consultant and fundraiser in higher education, healthcare, community organizations, and churches.

Passionate about Donor Bliss and helping donors to experience the joy of philanthropic giving, Eric has worked with hundreds of donors, volunteers, and board members around the world to help them to experience the joy of giving and to enable organizations to better deliver on their mission. As an international fundraiser, Eric finds these simple concepts apply not only in the USA, but also with donors around the world.

Understanding the challenges experienced by leaders, Sandra’s focus, on the other hand, is to help each exceed his or her goals for making an impact on their world. Using a variety of discovery techniques, Sandra is adept at creating strategic plans that align goals and strategies with vision and mission.

A certified coach and former change management consultant, Sandra’s skill set includes leadership training, facilitation techniques, and asking the tough questions. As the family financial manager, Sandra ensures their philanthropic priorities come first in the household budget.

Eric and Sandra have made charitable giving a priority in their marriage. Strategic about maximizing the impact of their giving, they pursue Donor Bliss as they support organizations that align with their values and interests. They have served as volunteers and board members for a number of non-profits. Eric and Sandra hope to inspire other philanthropists to pursue the joy of giving, and by doing so, to change the world as they experience Donor Bliss.

About the Book

Think back to a time when someone unexpectedly gave you something you especially wanted. It is a great feeling, right? What about when you are the person who does the giving? Feeling great for a brief moment becomes a lingering joy.

Now imagine what it feels like when you give in a way that changes lives. Joy is transformed to bliss. You become blessed because of your giving.

Amidst uplifting stories of philanthropy that illustrate the joy of giving, you will learn a purposeful approach to charitable giving that will help you establish a legacy. You will be empowered to be strategic with how much, in what ways, and to whom you give for long-term impact on the world.

Learn How To...

  • Pursue the joy of giving.
  • Achieve a deeply fulfilling, blissful experience through purposeful charitable giving.
  • Identify your philanthropic interests and passions and turn them into philanthropic priorities.
  • Make a deeper impact on the lives of others through strategic planning with your philanthropic priorities.
  • Develop a habit of giving that results in meaningful changes to the world.
  • Work with fundraisers to maximize your giving of time and dollars.
  • Influence non-profit leadership to help them create a culture of philanthropy within their organization.
  • Experience Donor Bliss whoever you are, whatever your circumstances—young, old, rich, or otherwise.

Uncover In These Pages...

This practical guide to philanthropy in the 21st century will help you build a powerful strategy for leaving a philanthropic legacy in your areas of interest and passion. You will reap benefits that include making new friends, helping organizations raise more money, and changing the world on your journey to experiencing the joy of giving.

  • Discover your philanthropic passions that will lead to the joy of giving.
  • Develop a strategy for maximum impact on your giving potential.
  • Give of yourself as a valuable volunteer or board member.
  • Gain practical tips and insights from stories about philanthropists who have achieved Donor Bliss.
  • Influence leadership of a charitable organization to become more donor-centric.
  • Discover fulfilling ways to give beyond your bank account.
  • Consider a philanthropic career by joining or starting a non-profit.
  • Ensure your gift is focused on your interests and passions.
  • Extend your joy of giving by designing your legacy.

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