Francisca Kramer-Ang

Born in Indonesia with Chinese origin, Francisca grew up in The Netherlands, and further enriched her background is in health, safety and environment within the oil and gas business.

Francisca’s passion is to empower others by passing on what she has studied and learned over the years, to renew mindsets and to encourage thinking outside the box.

Francisca helps people to maximize their potential, to find their Identity, and to target their talents and what fuels them, whilst empowering them to become leaders. Together with her friendly, open approach and her sense of humor, Francisca uses her unique set of skills to change the lives of those she mentors.

Her pioneering spirit, creative processing ability, enthusiasm and ability to make a connection with people make Francisca a unique individual who is able to help realize people’s life goals. Francisca is known as a business-minded woman of influence and a people and business connector.

Francisca is an author, a speaker, a catwalk and styling coach and, last but not least, a transformational and investment coach.

About the Book

This book is meant to inspire and empower the readers to find the treasures inside of them; to find their dreams, passion and purpose in life. As a reader, it will not only inspire you, but it will also give you courage to do the impossible, challenge you to find your destiny, your purpose and assignment in this world and to go beyond your own ability. To prepare yourself to become a person who walks in authority, power and influence. A person of Influence will have a great impact on your surroundings, whether it is at home or at work, in your community and in business, in your city and in your nation.

We all have something special inside of us; something unique that no one else has.

Each individual has a unique DNA; no one is the same.

Do you have a desire to get more appreciation in what you do?

Or do you have a dream to reach a higher level in life?

Or would you, perhaps, like to gain more influence on your surroundings and achieve your goals?

Or are you simply looking for a new challenge?

Perhaps, you have a title, a great position, more than enough income but you feel unhappy, insecure and have no satisfaction in what you do.

Maybe you are just curious and think, “What if?”

Are you unsure how to make the change? Are you afraid to leave your comfort zone or do you have doubts about your identity? Then this book is exactly for you. You may benefit from the author’s wisdom, ideas and thoughts and from the many insights shared by professionals and both successful and ordinary people. Each of these ideas and insights are truly unique.

Learn How To...

  • Discover your own IDENTITY.
  • Understand your vision.
  • Find out about your passion and your (hidden) talents.
  • Find your personal attraction and meet your purpose.
  • Inspire others and make a difference.
  • Become a person who walk in authority, power and influence.

You will see the power of breaking free from your small box and getting creative in the wide universe with your endless imagination to make it happen with your children, your God-sent gifts, and live the utmost best quality life with them, enjoying every moment of it. Explore and teach them the quality of life through your smile using your skills and discover these young humans whom you were gifted with.

Uncover in These Pages...

The valuable treasures that would help you search who you really are (your IDENTITY). To live your dream and to reach your DESTINY and PURPOSE in life. To discover and to unleash the secrets within you.

  • Examine your position, recognize your NOW
  • Discover your identity, who you are meant to be and your influence
  • What is a vision and how to understand your vision
  • What is a dream? Dare to dream big and take action to succeed
  • Find out about your passion and your (hidden) talents
  • Authority, power and influence
  • Find your personal attraction to meet your purpose
  • Inspire others and make a difference
  • Become a Woman of Wonder

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