Georgi Georgi

Georgi Georgi is an exceptionally enthusiastic, wise and passionate “Thriving Instructor”! She has a most unique talent to go straight to the heart of the matter and to offer the most effective and simple resolution no matter how old or complex the subject might be. The people who seek Georgi out are people who have accomplished a lot in their lives already yet they are left with the notion that “Life has got to be better than this!”

Over the decades Georgi has successfully worked with clients dealing with depression, addiction, substance abuse or even thoughts of suicide.

Regardless of past experiences or history - Georgi’s students and clients gain a sense of freedom and control in all aspects of life within a surprisingly short time while having fun and lots of laughter in the process! Werner Erhard (Landmark Education) and T. Harv Ecker (business man) are just some of the world renowned experts Georgi has trained with. There are so many more that the list could go on for pages.

Georgi is also called a “Word Smithy” due to her assertion that the English language is a code “hidden in plain view” offering a surprising resolution to some of life’s puzzles.

For over 3 decades now Georgi’s mission in life has been to decipher the root of human suffering and offer a proven solution to eradicate it for good. Georgi has traveled the world and spent countless hours and money to relentlessly immerse herself into studies and practices ranging from philosophy, all major world religions, psychology, science and spirituality to breath-work, nutrition, fasting, etc.

Her ongoing quest for knowledge enables Georgi to guide anyone who is ready and willing to receive the free flow of love of life in general.

About the Book

This book is a fun-filled yet deeply profound sacred manuscript that breaks the code to a blissful and fulfilled life regardless of your past or any current circumstances. It is a genuine eye-opener for those yearning for and ready to transform their lives.

Learn How...

  • Your world as you have known it is changing at a rapid pace. You get to have a say in how it turns out.
  • Are you interested? Let this book show you step by step how to generate the life you truly desire!
  • Move from victim to creator – from recognition to correction to celebration.
  • Find examples of how the English language has clues to guide you along the way.
  • Train yourself how to effortlessly move and stay above the “clouds” in your life where the sun always shines.
  • Take full responsibility for all your thoughts, emotions and actions... After applying the methods in this book - your fulfillment is exclusively up to you...
  • How to powerfully choose happiness and inner peace no matter what.
  • Learn how to find the solution to any troubling situation.
  • Receive tested, proven, powerful and effective tools to create the life you truly choose to live. 

Uncover In These Pages...

A practical guide to a blissful life.

  • How can your future be different from your past?

1. Information vs. Transformation

2. Mistakes vs. Failure

3. Slavery vs. Mastery

  • The power of the spoken word: what do I think and talk about most?

4. Getting crystal clear on what you want

5. Paying attention leads to realization

6. Accepting and celebrating your personal power

  • Create vs. react: who is in charge of my life?

7. Staying positive no matter what

8. The actual cost of worry and stress

9. The benefit of aim and commitment


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