Hamid Safaei

Best known for mentoring on leadership and personal development, Hamid Safaei is a certified executive coach who helps leaders, senior managers, and budding entrepreneurs overcome their fears: Fear of being found to be incompetent, fear of failure, fear of losing everything, fear of losing beloved ones, and so on.

Hamid is passionate about helping both individuals and teams to always be at their best. He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. He has developed ImOcean Academy, a unique institute where he applies first-class coaching tools and techniques combined with best practices.

He regularly publishes learnings on www.imoceanacademy. com and www.first-class-leadership.com on subjects such as leadership, realizing goals and dreams, target setting, and bringing potential to fruition. His passion is to create a better world by and with better leaders.

His biggest dream is for peace in the Middle East, which he sees as a fundamental step for the peace on a global scale. Hamid aims to achieve breakthrough results in the peace process in the Middle East by 2025. Originally from Iran, Hamid Safaei lives in the Netherlands with his family.

About the Book

First-Class Leadership is a comprehensive book that all managers and leaders should read. The amount of information is second to none. A brilliant book based on research and experience brings to the fore everything you need to know about being a first-class leader. The techniques and advice in this book are simple yet effective—you will wonder why you have never done them.

In First-Class Leadership, Hamid Safaei discusses specific and actionable points from getting people to believe in your vision, building effective teams, communicating, inspiring, encouraging, and developing employees so they give their very best, caring, and nurturing your workforce, to finding and keeping talent that will take your company to the next level. This book will change your perspective on how leaders should lead and how managers should manage. Inspired by icons such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs, what Hamid Safaei brings together is a wealth of information that will pave the way for everyone to become a first-class leader. A must-read gem on successful and effective leadership!

Learn How...

  • Achieve extraordinary results with ordinary team members.
  • Build on your self-confidence.
  • Finally break the cycle of frustration and hopelessness.
  • Personally taste the power of profound leadership by embedding the principles of First-Class Leadership.
  • Learn from the personal stories and experiences of firstclass leaders who have made history by applying these principles.
  • Start your journey to excellence; leaders are not born but made.

Uncover in These Pages...

Learn how you can achieve first-class results by creating highly effective teams.

  • A life-changing tool for every leader who is ready to take their leadership to the next level.
  • All you need to know about first-class leaders.
  • Inspiration and straightforward guidelines from a number of first-class leaders.
  • Top insights from excellent leaders who are the shining proof that you can become a great leader, in spite of your background.
  • First-hand stories from top leaders who have climbed the ladder of excellence and have the profound desire to share their top secrets with you.
  • How to lead at your dream level and achieve the highest possible success by implementing the fundamental principles of First-Class Leadership.
  • How top leaders have walked their journey to excellence and made it happen, so you can follow in their footsteps.
  • How to trust and believe in yourself.
  • How to start from scratch and make it happen.
  • How to make a conscious decision that a universe full of magic is patiently waiting for.
  • How to avoid paying a fortune to attract the best talent, only to watch them walk away in the end.
  • The secrets of attracting, selecting, and motivating ordinary team members to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Magnificent tools and best practices to unleash the power of your leadership.
  • Why leadership matters.
  • How to connect to yourself on a spiritual level and visualise what your leadership has to offer this planet.
  • How to start your journey right now.


“First-Class Leadership is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead at the next level. Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to lead confidently can benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book.”

Pieter C. van der Vloed, Co-founder & Partner Aeves Benefit B.V.


“First-Class Leadership is relevant more than ever before. On an individual level, many people are burning out and we are all collectively burning up the only planet we live in. The book invites all leaders to reconnect to their biggest ‘why’ and base their leadership on what matters most. And this is what we need now.”

Prof. Dr. Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands (2002 -2010)


“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. First-Class Leadership includes straightforward strategies anyone can use to lead at first-class level.”

René Frijters, Founder of Alex Vermogensbank & Knab Bank


“When Hamid asked me if I could review his book, I was prepared to read a book which has pinned down how to be a good leader like many other books on leadership. Instead, I was amazed by the great strategies top leaders successfully have executed. A magnificent book, down-to-earth and full of solid advice!”

Prof. Dr. Hanmin Liu, Jinan University, China


“Keep in mind that top leaders also had their share of ups and downs. Hamid has identified the path on how you can create from potential or ordinary individuals to real and first-class leaders!”

David Bunney, author of Success Leaves a Trail


“In an inspiring way this book sums up what first-class leadership is all about. It covers how great leaders lead and what they have in common, such as their inner fire, their natural tendency to be proactive, their willingness to take risks and come up with solutions. A highly recommended read and a great source of inspiration for everyone who has affinity with leadership.”

Patrick Lammers, CEO Essent


“First-Class Leadership is a great manual to be mentally and emotionally fit for leading at the next level.”

Brian Nieves, Missouri State Senator (Ret.), International Speaker, author of The Dirty Dozen, and COO MGB-Surgery, LLC


“First-Class Leadership is truly a state-of-the-art book and a must-read for everyone who has affinity with leadership and wishes to lead at the best possible level. This is a book full of solid advice and breakthrough strategies.”

Bas van der Veldt, CEO AFAS Software


“A fresh view on leadership. Hamid Safaei hits the fundamentals of first-class leadership by unpacking qualities, principles and attitudes which make the difference at the end. Hamid challenges clichés about leadership, bring to foreground the fundamental “why” (purpose) questions of leadership and provides a roadmap for those who wish to take their leadership to the next level – both in business and in life First-Class Leadership is a great source of inspiration and a manual for everyone wishing to lead at the next level.”

Dr. Homayoun Dayani-Fard, Director at EY


“Anyone who’s ever wanted a great leadership book, here is a powerhouse of solid advice and strategies to make it to the next level. First-Class Leadership is a fantastic manual.”

Eric van den Broek, CIO KPMG NL


 “First-Class Leadership is a practical, functional guide for leaders to be. Grounded in research and peppered with examples, this well-researched and articulated book provides nuggets of wisdom and thoughtful recommendations from world-class leaders in politics, science and business.”

Dr. Ilan Alon, Professor of Business, University of Agder-Norway


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