Hannah Redman

Hannah Redman is a student at the University of Ottawa.

She is Hypnosis Trainer approved by the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) and a NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) Master Coach approved by the ABNLP (American Board of Neurolinguistic Programing). She is studying theatreat the University of Ottawa and studies in both English and French.

Heavily involved in the theatre community, Hannah has performed as an actor and a vocalist, as well as worked back stage as a stage manager. She has also written scripts for the VIP program, a school program by the York Regional Police to educated kids on what they can be held responsible and the consequences of their actions (for example, the consequences of vandalism).

Hannah currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario. She is very passionate about music, theatre, and the performing arts in general, and supports in every way possible.


About the Book

High school, and post-secondary education, can be a confusing time with all the decisions that have to be made. Not to mention everyone pushing you to make the right choices or you’ll mess up your entire future, even if the “right” decisions aren’t the ideal ones for you.

This book will help alleviate stress during this time, and help you decide the right ones for you.

Learn How To...

Get your parents off your back about your future, while being successful in no matter what path you choose. Take the stress out of school and the decisions to come.


Uncover in These Pages…

  • All the tools you need to find, and be successful in, a career you love!
  • Secrets for being successful in whatever career you choose.
  • How to unleash your full potential!
  • Dispelling the myths of the “Safety Net”.
  • How the movies you play in your head affect your life.
  • Get your parents off your back.
  • Why many people find themselves in jobs they hate.
  • How to deal with anxiety that often comes.
  • Making sure you find the right support.
  • Keys to leveraging your talent.
  • Things broke students say, and how to get around it.


"The tools for success outlined in The Career Roadare perfect for the new generation. It’s about teaching young adults how to be in control of their own lives from the get-go. It is a great book something we could all use."

Dr. José Cross, author of Business Is Booming


“The Career Road provides valuable insights for the young mind. This helpful book will provide young adults with a new way of seeing what lies ahead. It is definitely a valuable read!”

Analena Rebelo, author of Getting To Sold



"The Career Road is a must read for all students. With this book and the tools in it, gone are the days of 'useless degrees', and here come the days of a happy, and wealthy new generation."

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, author of MAXIMized Health


“When it comes to the success and happiness of our younger generations, nothing beats The Career Road. If you want to take out the stress about school and careers, this is definitely the book for you.”

Ahmad Duranai, author of The Leadership Zone



“The Career Road is recommended to any young adult. At that confusing age, they definitely need this book.”

Jessica Gill, author of Damsel In Excess


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